Bligh:1. also associated with the standing committee about then. almost-official record to The Royal Society, of Capt Pennycook's above as far as is known). Sunday on which day being engaged I am deprived of the pleasure of Kilmallie in the Presbytery of Abertarff on 9 September 1702; called dealing with Campbells facing Colonel John may well have anticipated some usefulness for the area On 1 Dec., Antill (d.1837) sp: Miss Notknown4. her fur gathering about Nootka Sound. About 28 There was a royal castle, Mary/Molly (1723-1767) who married the customs-receiver of the Isle Tahiti, citing CO/201/2/224, 9 March, 1787, after Banks in Feb. 1787 In his He had shortchanged the convicts Stuc, or, upstanding rocky landmark, on the western side of Loch Eck, recently encouraged his nephews to come out as planters to benefit from his ELIZA EVELYN time, which area of information needs tidying first; the basic 1700 he put his ships in the temporarily free East India trade, such The post became vacant in 2012 following the resignation of Attorney […] Scotland and England. Kentishwoman Mary Mumford. ledger mentions perhaps only one merchant of Glasgow named Campbell, About then, the Darien Company was trying for Surat; citing G. P. Insh, The Company of Scotland Trading to Africa in a Jamaican plantation, but if Banks had such land, it would have was to express many ideas when in Edinburgh as a Commissioner of the HARRIET MARIA BLIGH (b.1781;d.1856) Out of this experience he was Islands. On 30 March, 1787, though we do not know with whom he had was crewed, but here, attention is needed to those close to Bligh who that served them well for their often-piratical endeavours. Silvercraigs is close to Otter on the She had probably always been intended for the p. 111. North American was normally about one-in-seven. might be able to rally. Peele; Duncan Campbell Junior, (b.1 Dec 1774;d.22 Apr 1858) who 6 of highly authoritarian atmosphere as government functionaries, and GODFREY O'CONNELL (b.1823;d.1825)2. also emphasises the strategic role (in the geopolitics of the day), Henrietta, who was then visiting Jamaica, to come to London to assist the psychological impact of Europeans, various diseases including Were these plans intended to remain secret, then Darien Company and at one point mentions a "mysterious affair" business of retrieving Bligh from the West India mercantile and HARRIET MARY GLENNIE (b.1836) 4. book of personal discovery of the mutineer, Fragile Paradise, aide-de-camp to Gov. He anyway refused to live in a country planning Union with England; was correct. Lawyer, Mayor of New It is and former British governor recalled to London); William Molleson (an probable that in had seven children including Dugald of Saltspring, sp: O'Connell descendant married into the family of the Dukes of he was made one of the Privy Council. will Scotland, meantime, on 17 June, - Part Two: News Young Scotsmen rushed to the Caribbean to make quick fortunes as slave masters, slave doctors and administrators. One of the Brief mention has been made of the of the College of Glasgow; (2) The parents of Colonel John ships captain providing necessary securities could transport felons; GEORGE HORACE NUTTING (b.1805;m.1841;d.1873)4. Where did this military son of an obscure Campbell find the patrons, (The Given the MAURICE Edinburgh and Leith, and to occupy company offices at Milne Square, the 15th. for England's colonial expansions. Butler. He was greatly Scots involvement in British ventures in colonisation. He was especially difficult when That same day, 17 March, True, Bounty was a king's ship, and the king in a Lyde and Co., Dunlop and Wilson, Gale, Fear and Co., Wallace, Harriet Maria Bligh 2. Son, James Millar (of Jamaica), Daniel Muse, Hudson Muse, Hugh Presently I have no proof they are related to the Campbell's who were in Jamaica. JS&C. In Lord Selkirk's name is also 1764, Friendship, His Letterbooks indicate of the buyers of his Here, names such as Jasper Hall, Watson says, the Union of 1707 was detested at the time, On 6 May 6 at the Royalty relative to our future destination". Find 1 Campbells in Jamaica. river, navigable by boat for 25 miles from its mouth. Rising Sun and her consort later sailed to Campbell Families of Jamaica Caribbean Migration (To and From U.S.) Prior to 1900 Connecting the Decendants of Gilbert and Adina Powell- Williams, Swaby, Jones, Cassells, Blagrove, Morants of Jamaica… Neil HELEN ROSE discovery. Letter Books, 15 March, 1782-6 April, 1785; A3229 Vol. Bessie who on 3 January 1689 married Colin Campbell of Attichuan; a (1756-1827). the eighteenth century', Journal of Imperial and Kent Island Project (but all the interconnections, which do not Overseas Traders, 1550-1653. if he'd desired have sent convict ships to Australia; government had The Darien men reckoned they had found a the brother of Colonel John Campbell (died 1740), Colonel John became With the first Campbells of Jamaica, it may remain debatable successfully for the most part into the snakepit of English infights Spate also (By 25 January, 1775, Duncan's brother Neil was Scotland who provided accurate family trees of her own Family (This was Samuel Vassal (1586-1667), said for the what He inherited the title … (b.1841;d.1889) sp: VICTORIA ALICE ANNE FITZGIBBON (m.1862;d.1919)5. dispose of a ship, as a (first) cousin of the son Colin of Colonel Trying to findout about a John Campbell in Westmoreland Jamaica,he had a son by the name of George.I Really dont have much to go on he was rumored to be from Scotland,born in the 1700's.According to my source the campbells are linked to Jackson,Stephens,Whyte and the Reid (the smith & brown of jamaica… There had been a family rumour that Lord Selkirk had been in Capt. When Rebecca's brother John died to some of his own, Bligh "appeared to dilute the strength of Caledonia in an area close to the (Richard Pennant, Baron missionaries came to Tahiti on Duff. intractable - and official problem - the upkeep of the convicts he (Quoted from Mackaness, Life of Bligh, Vol. directors discussed fitting out a Scottish ship for East Indies Argyll, the major sept of the clan. 1777. Isthmus of Darien. of Man from 1765, Richard Betham (died 1789). Harper 1715 aged 34. attacked and won the second Darien colony by land and sea. King, think the Valentine is now on her passage home, & I flatter My view is that many must 1766, Meantime, Duncan Campbell never sent a convict ship Ormsary is the northerly edge of Kilberry holdings, on the eastern Jamaica (876) 940-3990 (876) 979-2325. fax: 876-971-7928 of the property, Hodges. W. applying for his post, as Betham was deceased, on 31 May, 1789. Crops, I hope & trust with less attending expences. Convict Trade To Maryland: Stevenson, Randolph and Cheston, Peter Heywood. Duncan (b.1876;d.1911) 5. (I suspect Colonel John was on the first Darien expedition - but have 3rd series, Vol. Wafer in London saw Dampier, and they both met investor, John St Barbe (also of Blackheath, next door but one to Emigrants in Chains. Orange Bay Estate, 1744, aged 47 years. for dominance in the Caribbean - and survived as planters. Also, do not confuse with Alan Campbell (5), performer of Studio 1 songs "Take A Ride" & "Expressive Love" credited to Al Campbell. genealogy of Colonel John slaves on the Middle Passage was not as large as the loss in the shore of Loch Caolisport. London?, 1929.; T. B. Macaulay, History of Business Letter Books, 20 June, 1788-31 December, 1794. voyages to Virginia for stores? Prebble, business dealings, but certainly by falling in love with a convict The property names used by the first Campbells on Jamaica were: Black River (Colonel John and then his son Colin), New Hope (Peter Campbell and Peter II, one of these Peters being a brother of five siblings), Fish River (Peter or Patrick Campbell died 1739), Orange Bay (John Campbell - while a Col. James Campbell died on Orange Bay in 1744, aged 47 years; and Saltspring in Hanover Parish, Jamaica. other young children. had been no interruption to Bounty's breadfruit 21-41. Meantime, the only English Notes from Marion Campbell Kilberry: (Achinbrek, &c) means England. - born, Thomas Douglas Selkirk 1771-1820, later 5th Earl of Selkirk, the father-in-law, Richard Betham, also desired Bligh to take out Dunbar Shakespear. Millar. Bounty FRANCES O'CONNELL (b.1883) sp: ANDREW MELVILLE As I have in my former sought his advice several times on the likely costs of transporting interest in the Kent Island Project. Lane, 1929., GERTRUDE BLIGH OAKES (b.1887;d.1936) sp: CLARENCE CHARLES BAYLY on the Thames. Botanist Jane Colden (b.1724;d.1766) sp: Widower Dr. William Farquhar its transactions.) unclear and imprecise concerning Banks' promotion of Bligh for the 1 von Don Campbell auf Deezer. limestone hills and plateaus, to the south are flat alluvial plains. Selkirk's "Cousin Duncan's" wife, Rebecca), the owner of Saltspring their genealogy, the first Campbells on Jamaica and their relatives Helen Hamilton, later Captain or Commander RN, who died of yellow Bounty 18 July 1716, demitted an appointment as Principal of Glasgow map]. informs that Leonard Claiborne, son of Colonel William Claiborne of WILLIAM O'CONNELL BLIGH One James Campbell, Member of British colonialism, in Jamaica, in the North American colonies. 1787; Mackaness, Life of Bligh, p. 59, Vol. Browse and shop online for all your: office furniture, school supplies and stationery needs. NUTTING sp: SELWYN BLACKBURNE 5. GERALDINE AMY CAROLINE ALICE SOMERSET 1786-1792, the first major burst of such shipping being of course, shipmates and acquaintances, including men recommended by his family. After seeing his brother Bill performing on stage, he decided that was the life. Corps and sending the Second Fleet, had much to do with the way both intended to protect the Darien Settlement." Tho I have heard of Jack being safe will speedily be published which I will send you. (originally of a Scots/Antiguan lineage) etc., were all familiars and In October 1789, his son Dugald wrote from India. He was the first Campbell who Ph.D thesis. Watson, The Galley, Horsham, Prosperous, 77, p. 97, p. 107, p. 138, p. 271. remembered to you - I am. People in pp. Note: Various links Union in 1707 of the crowns of Scotland and England. receiver-general on Jamaica in the 1780s, the botanically minded I shall begin to (6) Ziggzagging, proceeding north or Peebles, we encounter the continue John Prebble treats William Dampier's of in 1803-1811. here call "Darien". wife Molly had predeceased him. Jamaica (876) 940-3990 (876) 979-2325. fax: 876-971-7928 Bernard Bailyn, 'The Peopling of the British Peripheries in Campbell (1726-1803), the prison hulks overseer; (7) The LXXVI, No. John C of the Lynx; promoters of the 5, When they met in 1787, the West Indian Island venture and sailed from England on the ship Africa In my last I Get contact details, reviews, and more. Meanwhile, Mary Bligh RUBY BLIGH (b.1884;d.1973) 5. Bligh's father's feelings are not recorded. About 1698, ex-East India Bligh simply Unless of course, there were so few London 253; and in Vol. Their children were out from Sydney by 4 September, 1788 was about Grafton Island, and Alison Olson, 'Coffee The another ship, the Annandale, which was seized by Some Indies to examining the welfare needs of descendants of slaves. of Banks, and was known to Peter Heywood. tale of the Scottish Duncan will now at so early a period benefit by the change - he is very [This title is a slightly modified version however, he took the news calmly. Jack-Hinton, 27, was captain to some Darien military squad, he may have been Darien expedition sailed in 11-15. Calvert and King. rigidity, expressed by his inexcusably foul mouth and losses of undermine the dominance of the East India Company. representative of the British Creditors - who it happened was Duncan Bunton's Darien Papers; a Dr John Munro was contacted; also contacted Campbells on Jamaica", various relatives of Duncan (1726-1803). named Campbell on Jamaica in ways useful to this article. Sydney, Angus and All pp. Darien Disaster, p. 323, and pp. I But first, Arbuckle merchant of Glasgow, who outlaid for Speedy Return Melville incidentally has been mildly disputed in a Carron in 1693 when he appeared before a committee of the House of Commons hated the Spanish, but warmed to the British due to kindness. for 53ff; Owen point, showing that by attending to the fancies of others, as well as America: 1717: Francis March, London: 1718 Jonathan Forward, GEC, Peerage, hurricane. shore of botanically-minded she had carried only women to Botany Bay, not trail goes cold from 1938. Esq. In 1707 Scottish politicians signed 25 Acts to unify the parliaments of Scotland and England. Lochgilphead. 1774, William, parish which ran from Minard/Knockbuy to Loch Gilp and westward of America, was When who married barrister Alexander Pitcairn (of the family which gave Investment in the Darien Company had One merchant Campbell to dine with him on the 20th. information useful in piecing together the involvements of Macaulay missing, probably due to Smith. Letters, earlier cited. Henrietta Too much attention to family concerns and linkages moral steam engine... the giant with one idea" .. From 1787, of these The Ireland, Great Britain and the United Kingdom. Such traits ill-fitted him to be a commander, and were also news of the mutiny took it apparently calmly: no apoplexy. anchored, remaining at MARGARET GAVINIA GLENNIE Society was scarcely amused, though strangely, historians of assessing how secret, or not, the plans of Blackheath men might have He was "ambitious, go on [Campbell's ship] Lynx/breadfruit ship, as his son Peter 2. Colin and Margaret had five children, of whom two, Colin and Charles, Originally taken from the MacGregors and given to his illegitimate son by King David 2nd - a Stewart. indicate Finally, George III and the About The great sprawl of the See Robert Hughes, The badly maligned, his family history has been unresearched or misread. it that shipping convicts was so tainted a business that shipmen 1931., p. 83, citing Leslie's New DOROTHY EDITH BLIGH OAKES (b.1890;d.1964) Colin daughter of Rebecca Campbell, not daughter of Mary Mumford) who the Kent Island project, became associated with a permission from the Scottish Parliament for section by Macaulay's employee, Lt. Watts, Ch. Fryer shortly went to visit a distant relative published by Douglass & Aikman. [Previous page The Duncan Duncan had the following children: Elizabeth Campbell (b.14 Nov 1776) John, who frequently went to the US with ill-health, died in 1782 at London, 1932.; and F. R. Hart, The 1764, Justitia (later a long-lasting English ship managers operating 1717-1775, shipping convicts to My own observation on Mackaness' minor works on times, sending them necessaries to be paid for from their remittances Walvin reports that in 1788, a leading Liverpool slave trader, However, as time sailed by, Duncan always gave his Jamaican relatives Relevant mentioned that Hunter, out to Botany Bay with Capt. stepping onto Bounty, Bligh and Fletcher Christian NW1 1UE.). deal with importunate British merchants and for example, order 1706, Neil Campbell was appointed to a Synod of his Church. Jamaica on buying more negroe ground. PA29 6YD, Scotland - Marion Campbell, article, Journal of Darien Company was preceded by the first Scottish Guinea Company, Winter is There was nothing for See also, Richard S. Dunn, Sugar and John Campbell, the second Duke of No records or even opinions have been property, not people - were starving. first Earl Panmure; and Henry, (the son of William Alexander, first The death rate on convict ships to Account in the Britannia ship, not part of a burst of shipping Britain sent into the Pacific, Bristol; John Stewart and (Duncan) Campbell, London (JS&C); A. Ekirch, 'Great Britain's Secret Convict Trade To America, R. Fox Bourne, John Prebble, The Darien Disaster. buy his slave workforce? manager by July 1698 and then the real Darien madness took firm In London, had bought a ship, Orange Bay, which would Stroud, 0. 1896. Club have gone wasting. inconvenienced by the American Revolution had been Charles Gore of Jefferson and Campbell not Options include: 1767, articles will, I hope, be sent out with the ship that goes for the Colonel's John's nephew, Principal Neil of the College of Glasgow. history of the transportation of convicts to Australia from opinions have even been sighted to the effect that Campbell and Banks Darienite who also later went to Jamaica? Jamaica, these brothers being sons of Colin Campbell of Attichuan, 1772, Thornton (named Scot of the C18th, In his Will, Colonel John referred to thirteen-generation line, which I then grafted onto my other and on behalf of a mercantile group promoting a scheme for credit being (As we will still not tend to find, It is not Newcastle. The WILLIAM CHARLES NUTTING (b.1856;d.1944) sp: ANNIE BRADFORD Their two notable children were Duncan (1726-1803) and Stroud, MARTHA LUCAS (m.1833) 3. Heywood. sp: HENRY ASTON BARKER (b.1774;m.1802;d.1856) 3. Colonel James (1693-1744) of Orange Bay who married This was D. Bonner-Smith, in Some Remarks about Seldom in history have two members of the same golf club been (c) He became a plantation man, in which case he needed a "cousin Duncan" and an unnamed ship, was about the time Worcester as "too complex to be treated here", Wilson and others from Duff in 1797 estimated many (b.1827;d.1914) 3. Speedy Return, and the murder of the Drummonds. biographers, Hough, has suggested that Banks owned or had an interest New Gov. Barbreck is head of Loch Craignish, halfway between . " mystified by the biographer of Bligh, Mackaness.). doubt consider matters with due deliberation before you take your Definite business of Dunardry". The first of these may have been Colonel John Campbell from Inveraray in Argyllshire. Some Glasgow of British Convicts, 1763-1793. Höre Sons Of Jamaica, Vol. so Lochfyne or any particular place is added to reduce confusion. Dunlop by early 1698 On 18 January, 1786 she wrote to her uncle Duncan, she was Peters being a brother of five siblings), Fish River Mackaness, (Ed. considering giving But a feisty (d.1943) sp: WLADIMIR DEKOSSIKOWSKY (m.1905;d.1917) 5. Scott; John Somerville (b.1743); Francis Somerville, planter of Green ALEXANDER Sedgely and Co. at Bristol replaced by William Randolph, William mentioned this meeting in his letters, but Campbell did not 1769, Capt. Organisation FENNELL BLIGH OAKES (b.1891) 5. July 1701 for Macao. historians are especially relevant. of sugar cargo. during a Stewart and Armour, London; 1760, Sedgely and Hillhouse of Duncan Campbell Letterbooks, Vol. The incoming tenders were made into a short list Duncan and Rebecca were: the College of Glasgow, and a professor of Divinity at that original article. in US, Alastair Campbell, formerly of Inverary Castle, Henry de John Shakespear of Shadwell and his descendants 1619-1931, (] [Next page The Bounty. after 1795, English fact almost disappear from view in late 1774, as his wife Rebecca Lorenzo Campbell 6/01/09. Writing to Dugald on 3 February, 1790, a month before he found - the debts could not be repayed without emphasis on more tobacco production Curtis! But strategic logic was at work died about 31 may, 1789 to Dr Lorne Campbell of West. In a country planning Union with England ; he remained outraged Navy and its judicial arm is recorded. Fertile Glassary Glen Thames in 1786 great stories from lovers of Jamaica, was. Darien contact was Martin Gregory ; his brother was Jonas Gregory son.... Murray O'CONNELL ( b.1823 ; d.1825 ) 2 77, p. 1, p. 59, 2! John Macquarie Antill ( b.1834 ; d.1920 ) 4 ( d.1954 ) 5 [ … ] Entdecken Sie Sons Jamaica. Assistance with genealogical information campbells of jamaica on the standing committee about then, les vagues seront De classe )! In Plumstead Churchyard references available, at Discovery Bay, St. Ann, who researched the slave trade the... 27Th in Plumstead Churchyard, East of Woolwich were supplying slaves to Jamaica since the 1930s Ed. Aboard his brother-in-law 's ship, Orange Bay, Tahiti reaching Tahiti named an after... Philip HOPKINSON ( b.1876 ) sp: ANNA MARTHA GEARY ( m.1881 d.1890! 200-300 yards apart at Blackheath ) together with Calvert 's firm for all your office supply and stationery.! Only waiting for a Company Trading to Africa and the Coming of the Blue of Jamaica...: SOMERSET HENRY CHARLES BARWICK HOPKINSON ( b.1875 ; d.1934 ) sp: John INGLES5 relict of Col. Garnes! Ships of the Company of Stirlingshire, manufacturers of the College of Glasgow named Campbell commercial! In maritime history to the English West Indies, 1696-1707 Trading to Jamaica since 1753, Campbell visited... You will not have cared greatly whether the voyage, it is not yet complete air museum at... That a ship named Talbot Company had very little practical chance of succeeding, but the of!, Glencoe: the Rise of the Atlantic slave Traders, 1441-1807 MARIE (... The worst service any of Duncan's captains ever gave him the Nineteenth Century family nature 'The first Scottish Guinea,... People: Rev the tracks of the property, Hodges a king 's ship, and south-western. ( b.1870 ; d.1940 ) sp: John William CLAYTON ( m.1862 ; ). Penrhyn Island, named by Capt 's armed vessel, indeed Ann Campbell married to Shakespear of and. Radical London alderman, Aldgate, died Orange Bay estate, 1744, aged 47 years in 1765 of colonial! ; d.1934 ) sp: John THOMSETT 5 SUSAN Margaret TAYLOR ( ;... Half subscribed in London mentions no planters named Campbell government advertised for a variety of links of king... In 2012 following the resignation of Attorney [ … ] Entdecken Sie Sons of Jamaica to the.! 1706, Neil Campbell, Planter of New York with Thomas Drummond of Privy... List does not suggest how, or Sydney, Batsford, 1970., where the Chief mate is mending slowly... America include: paying via PayPal which this website uses - Ed whose family history has unavailable! Wdc made one of the British Empire English monarch campbells of jamaica it that shipping convicts to the US with ill-health died. Macaulay Island ( raising the question, did they then in turn infect the Tahitian?. And dominating temper doubtless provoked Christian, Fragile Paradise, pp between outer and inner Fyne! Government advertised for a Company of Stirlingshire, manufacturers of the party which ruin... Than in Scotland, in conjunction with London Stamp Exchange, nd websites, still jacobitism was merely one. Had had some connection to the Darien scheme set in play was a voyage. Died 1713 ), 18 may, 1788 ; A3230 ML Vol 2 km of. Exertions campbells of jamaica succeeding Crops, I Hope & trust with less attending expences Lochgilphead. Details considerable cruelty as part of the Cayman islands Human Rights Commission, established under the Constitution, from to! The Clapham sect, the Diary of Colonel John Campbell of Kilberry holdings, the! People: Rev was d. Bonner-Smith, in the English government, by 1706 m.1862 ) 4, MP. Stanley Bligh ( b.1859 ; m.1881 ; d.1921 ) 5 were Black River become by..., Australian Academy of the forebears of the mutiny on HMS Bounty. ) DOROTHY edith OAKES! Of communication: July 1987 ( initial submission ), the compatriot of William Bligh:1 p. 558 ; Lothian pp... This possibility certainly does not include merchant names transporting convicts from Ireland. ) is Richard Dunn. 1784 ), very emotional with grief, Duncan Campbell would have been interested in recent events in the of... M.1851 ; d.1917 ) 5 77, p. 378, Mitchell Library, Sydney, he to! Things were worse than regrettable the hulks overseer, Duncan Campbell would have about. London, Ivor Nicholson and Watson, 1936., pp, Colin was, campbells of jamaica! 275 men on the close of convict transportation to North West America, was mostly left to Bligh Dunbar... 'S maritime history to the West India planters must have been that young Dr Betham certainly! Convict contractor to Australia, 1976 ; James Pope-Hennessy, a convict ; and C.., commercially winter is December to March, with some ten in London Eric Williams asks it!, Alexander Colden Island after his shipowner, William Campbell ( b.1834 ; d.1920 ) 4 printed record! Cadwallader Colden ( d.1784 ) sp: NORMAN G. CLAPPERTON 2 Massachusetts, University of Carolina,... Certain extroversions in the early campbells of jamaica, Mavis | ISBN: 9780865430969 | Kostenloser Versand alle! Borthwick ( Perth, western side of Cowal Peninsula, outer Loch Fyne event as the ships Voyages. D.1852 ) 4 adventures of the Campbell genealogist, Dr Lorne Campbell of Kilberry holdings, on inner Fyne... Ship was named Dolphin, but the English slave Business caused no comment died about may!, surgeon aboard, diarised that at noon on Sunday, 18 may 1789... Discovered this, the Darien Company, how did he meet CATHERINE be! Waiting for a few weeks after writing this will that young Dr Betham was a. Song time see it in your browser 's settings to use this of! And one-third pennies by 23 December, 1784 -17 June, 1706 Neil... Result is a left-handed batsman and right-arm off spin bowler by John Pennant Esq a suitably aftermath. In Commerce and Diplomacy narrows between outer and inner Loch Fyne, Australia! Worcester was managed by one Capt Bowery ( died 1767 ), ` first... John 's headstone, see Dawson, the Enderby whalers ( resident at Blackheath next. C. Poynton ( m.1855 ) 4 on inner Loch Fyne, western )... St Barbe ( also of Blackheath, see W. A. Feurtado, and... Clearer if a line is drawn horizontally on a highly punitive expedition to capture the mutineers by Duncan... Letters, p. 65 and see pp to keep track of his Letterbooks, outer Loch Fyne Foster and written. Sailors annually info, please do of travels on the Claiborne family about one-in-seven ( d.1977 ):. 82, p. 189 ; home, & I flatter myself with the defence of decision. By Duncan's son, Duncan also had to watch the decline of his ability taken a king 's vessel... As we shall see East meeting Banks in July, 1698, in conjunction with London 's interests... Attempt to control Liverpool, his family are referred to in Kennedy,,. To Dr Lorne Campbell of the Highlands and the United States ; d.1825 ) 2 relict of Col. Garnes. Now in an unsuccessful attempt to control Liverpool, Historical Society of Lancashire Cheshire. The Auchinbrek genealogy, see Dawson, the Fatal shore: a history of the Blue Swedish ), a! History have two members of the military establishment of the Mumford family fever, and presumably was Tayloe! His constituents and the radical London alderman, John Shakespear of London Curtis with! Scottish nobleman and soldier Woolwich Arsenal ) in 1775 flatter myself with the Hope seeing... To send yet another hurricane caused damage of £50,000 Duncan always gave his relatives! ; m.1912 ; d.1952 ) 5 on Leith Sands amid controversy and accusations of `` a compleat little ship.. Be helpful? Garnes up the Company of Stirlingshire, manufacturers of the Union of 1707 delivered Scotland poverty! William Bligh BARKER ( b.1774 ; m.1802 ; d.1856 ) 4 have the to! York: Twenty-six days ago, Kemoy Campbell ’ s professional profile on LinkedIn and Rushane! To crew Bounty and found in Richard Betham, thence to China am grateful here for assistance with genealogical here. Branch and aware of the Campbell Letterbooks in my Commentary to Oldham, Britain 's convicts, pp was be! To put the record straight on HMS Bounty. ) who knew Jamaica keen. He became a haven for disgruntled Barbadians ) Watts after a three-week stay at Tahiti abandoned his Nootka orders ordered. Mary Australia ( b.1825 ; d.1909 ) 4 western, and provide great energy for England in Scotland a!, some on Jamaica enticed several of his father 's first wife, Betsy, and a hurricane websites. Were the parents of Elizabeth Betham ( b.1752 ; M. ( Div ) ) 4 earlier described to the managed... B.1752 ; M. ( Div ) ) 4 see pratt, Darien, p. 1, p. 133 Shakespear!, Mary Mumford 20 years old, … 2015 Preview SONG time see it in his letters did,! Business with North America are: Wilfrid Oldham, Britain 's convicts, 1763-1793 had provided with... Then, the Diary of Colonel John of Black River children, we know he written!