RatTray Park Couldn't Keep Their Promise of Entertainment and Safety

Popular amusement park RatTray which got commissioned somewhere around June last year has been in its deplorable state since 8 months after it became fully functional.

The intended purpose for this was to provide Entertainment yet providing safety for its clients at all cost, well it might have provided the entertainment and safety during its first three months of opening to the public but after those few days of working it failed in both the safety and entertainment aspects

After 8 months of opening to the public i decided to visit the park and see for myself the entertainment and amazing things a lot of people have been talking about ,i was rather disappointed on arrival, safety wasn't one of their major plans as wires and broken glasses were all over the place.

I was charged 10 cedis which is of course reasonable because the money would be used for its safety maintenance, well as i searched for a cool place to relax and enjoy the view i noticed a post that read WIFI and at this stage my excitement and feeling for that entertainment urged up so i quickly took my laptop out of my backpack and started looking for that comfortable place to enjoy this wifi.

I finally got a cool nice place to relax then the most annoying thing happened, i forgot to charge my laptop so it was totally drained out of its juice, no little power what so ever.

That didnt bother me because i knew i was sure of getting power around to charge the laptop but after 15 minutes of walking around the park the excitement started fading away, i mean how can this cool entertainment park not have a single spot to charge any phone or laptop? where is the safety if i needed to make an important call to help me go to the hospital if there is no place to charge my phone.

Just at the point of giving up i noticed two wall plug sockets attached to a tree so i quickly run over unzipped my back pack, took out my charger and as i was about to fix that charger a deep voice echoed behind me "Boss don't punish yourself all no dey work" .This statement gave me some chills down my spine like i was kicked in the balls. As i got up i noticed my excitement didn't allow me to even notice how loose those plug where hanging and i must say those wiring isn't safe at all. Its clear the safety of the clients is not a necessity for who ever is taking care of that place yet in the commissioning of the park safety and entertainment was their priority.

So back to my story, as i sat wondering how i was going to charge my laptop so i could enjoy this wifi i remembered Golden Tulip was just close by so i packed up my bag and dashed for golden tulip **Fast Forward**. After charging my laptop to the 100% mark i went back to enjoy my wifi.

I bought some coke and some biscuit just gearing up for the entertainment i was about to get from this free wifi, for my intentions of being safe i didn't go back to the coolest place that had those nasty wiring but i rather went for a quite place just close to that wifi signboard.

I brought out my laptop again and dropped in my favorite song "drinking class" by lee Brice then the Entertainment started. i went straight to my connect to wifi button but i couldn't find any connection so i got up looked and that signboard again and tried to connect then that same guy with that annoying deep voice bellowed out "boss nothing dey job here ooo". At this point i could only think about crying, why would RatTray ruin my day like this.

I sat there for 30 minutes wondering why i even came here at the first place. At 3:30pm i got up to leave but decided to visit the loo then another shocker sent my tiny heart bleeding inside, the whole place was messed up on that day and without giving a second thought i dashed out straight like lightening and headed straight home. I don't think of going back there again

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