+ 7 S 0 P O N S O A R P A 7 E E D-1-1 U J-1 0 F J-1-1. With such an interesting attempt at ‘micro printing’ it would be pleasing to know where the notes were printed, but the printer of each issue is a mystery. One of the barriers to this loose association would have been the different currencies, but Ojukwu did not see this as an insurmountable problem, and his subsequent desire to retain the Nigerian currency for Biafra may be ascribed to his desire to retain a single unit of currency in a confederation of states (which is what he hoped his secession would bring). – Steiner, Rolf (1978) The Last Adventurer, Little, Brown and Company, Boston. The community where I bought the pounds is like a street market. Prior to the war, Ojukwu had expressed the desire for a loose association of states which would include the Nigerian regions (as separate states) and its neighbours such as Togo and Dahomey (Benin). The Nigerian Civil War (also known as the Biafran War, Biafran Genocide and the Nigerian-Biafran War) was a civil war in Nigeria fought between the government of Nigeria headed by General Yakubu Gowon and the secessionist state of Biafra led by late Lt. that the sale of notes escalated and it is probable that some of the larger dealers of coins and bank notes offered to take large amounts of the notes. $89.00. Equipment had to be bought quickly, and (of course) had to be paid for. When Col Ojukwu declared Biafra he organized his finance and the money currency in circulation was called Biafra pounds. The machinations of the various political elements caused Nigeria to lurch from one political crisis to another in the early years of nationhood. Manillas are a type of primitive money that were in use in Nigeria for hundreds of years. The discovery and exploitation of large oil and gas reserves have contributed to dramatic economic growth but fluctuating oil prices have produced huge swings in GDP growth in recent years. The known prefixes and the number of notes issued is summarized as follows: 5s. The notes were reported to be on transfer from the Banque Populaire Suisse in Basle to a bank in Ibadan (in Nigeria), but were handed over to the Nigerian government by the Togolese authorities. Another discrepancy in official versions lies in the date of the declaration whereby Nigerian notes were no longer to be legal tender. The common features are the rising sun (now a much smaller representation), the palm tree, the names of the Republic and the Bank, a white disc to the right of the note, and patterns imitating engine work surrounding the note. After the declaration of independence, one of the new Republic’s first concerns was to establish the infrastructure of the new state. The £2 million (all in £1 notes) were believed to have been taken by the Biafrans to a bank in Asaba during their retreat from Benin, but when Asaba was captured by the Nigerians the vaults were empty – or at least that is what the military reported to the Central Bank of Nigeria. The official exchange rate at the beginning of 1968 was one Nigerian pound to one pound three shillings and four pence sterling – making the Rothschild offer approximately half its real value.) The prefixes commenced with a letter that was assigned to the denomination, followed by a second letter that cycled through the alphabet from ‘A’ to ‘Z’; although the letters ‘I’ and ‘O’ were not used due to their similarity with the numerals one and zero. Cargoes of arms and ammunition bought by Biafra are dumped into the sea during airflight. They are out breeders, an artifact of their conversion to Christianity. In August of that year, just after war had broken out, the Biafrans made a bold assault on the Mid-West region, and meeting little opposition moved to within 120 miles of Lagos. The back of the 5-shilling note is very similar to the first issue, with the picture of the four Ibo girls and the manilla being used in the same manner. Under this decree the functions of the bank were established: ‘The Bank shall carry out all the central banking functions in the Republic including the administration of foreign exchange and the management of the public debt of the Republic.’. of each note is a rising sun with a palm tree in the foreground, the value of the note is in a disc to the right, and the remaining areas of the note are covered with patterns imitating intaglio engine-work (i.e. The Bank of Biafra Decree also stated that all property held in the republic by the Central Bank of Nigeria was to be transferred to the Bank of Biafra. By that same decree, Nigeria currency notes will cease to be legal tender in Biafra. Constructed from copper bars they form an incomplete circle (or oval) having lobes at the ends and are often described as bracelets or armlets. The Spirit of Biafra is indomitable and indestructible. However, the first numeral in the serial number for all notes of the second issue is always zero. (Although the refinery, if that is what it is, may well have been the one built by the Biafrans at Uzoakoli following their loss of access to Port Harcourt and the coast.) It is not known what happened to the Biafran currency that was surrendered, but it was almost certainly destroyed. The back of the 1-pound note carries the Biafran coat of arms above a wreath (constructed of two sprigs of unidentified leaves), and a ceremonial spear behind the disc in which the value of the note is held. Because the old Nigerian notes continued to be accepted in certain areas, the value of the old Nigerian currency was not entirely worthle! Le nom Biafra vient du golfe du Biafra situé au sud, sur la côte atlantique, lui-même nommé daprès le nom  Biafara  de la capitale d'un État resté mystérieux mais localisé par les marins portugais au XVe siècle en retrait de la côte, entre l'ancien royaume du Bénin et le Loango. The second coup was successful, and resulted in northern officers taking control of the country and forming a new government – led by General Gowon. The total value of each series printed, based on the numbers extrapolated above, was £50 million for the first issue and £148.5 million for the second issue, making a total of £198.5 million. ether they were brought back to Lagos by Nigerian soldiers, or by speculators in Nigerian currency who may have bought them at a discount from the Biafrans. Biafra Oil Refinery, no fewer than U.S. President Donald Trump has fully supported Biafra Referendum with $200Billion US Dollars to build Biafra oil refinery, the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra Mazi Nnamdi Kanu got the message from Trump that the money will be forward to his account during their next meeting in the US. Biafra; News. lines drawn by a geometric lathe). Biafra Referendum must surely come as Nnamdi Knau and all the IPOB members are looking forward to the next meeting with the EU, US, and UN for the Biafra announcement. The 1968 Biafran bank note issue was not only an emergency issue, it also faced the trials and tribulations of the country it was serving – many of the notes not making it to Biafra. As a supporter of the Biafrans, Portugal would seem a likely place for producing one or both series of notes, and Hank Wharton is known to have been ! Aside devaluing the naira in March, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) also adopted a unified exchange rate, and pushed the official rate of the naira to N376 to dollar for International Money Transfer Operators rate to banks; N377 to dollar for banks’ dollar sale to CBN and pegged CBN’s dollar sales to … Because of the early support by Portugal and the later connection with ‘Markpress’, one could conjecture that the first series was printed in Portugal and the second in Switzerland. The leaders of this movement were close to the Military Governor, and from late 1966 it seems that plans were being put in place for the Eastern Region to secede. We had to arrange and conclude the exercise in a hurry. No matter in what form the notes are found (the remainders are now getting scarce), the notes of Biafra offer an interesting piece of history – a piece of African history, and a piece of bank note history. Wharton was subsequently fired and a new supply route established. In addition, the depiction of a single palm tree had been the dominant feature on the bank notes of the West African Currency Board from 1916 to 1951, and gave a visual reminder of the notes of that era. My wife came to me in the morning, ‘Sir, we need N5,000.’ “Naira was powerful then. Another of Wharton’s planes had been destroyed mysteriously in Bissau (in Portuguese Guinea) shortly before this, and another had been impounded in Athens, leading the Biafrans to believe th! The first Biafran banknote was introduced in 1968 which replaced the Nigerian currency. – Keesing’s Publications Limited Keesing’s Contemporary Archives – Volume No.XVI 1967-1968 – London. Comments made in a speech by General Ojukwu in February 1969 (a year after the events), reflect the public despair that was expressed at the Nigerian decree (although Ojukwu himself could not have been surprised): ‘The government has long been aware of the terrible experiences of our people over the issue of currency. The National Political Reform Conference arranged, funded (illegally) and teleguided by Obasanjo himself, is about to wind up,  pretending that it has been successful, although the fragmentation of interests along ethnic and regional lines is the most visible outcome--not surprisingly. – Beresiner, Yasha & Narbeth, Colin (1973) The Story of Paper Money, David & Charles, Newton Abbot. Within months Biafra was putting his money where his mouth was and running for Mayor in his home town of San Francisco, a city where the hippie dream had been replaced by poverty, bribery, corruption and, following the assassination of then-Mayor George Moscone and Supervisor Harvey Milk the previous year, even murder. Two days earlier an aeroplane carrying £7 million of Nigerian currency was seized at Lomé in Togo. (Most types of paper have a high timber pulp content, and are treated with agents which brighten the paper and produce a surface which fluoresces under ultra-violet light. However, yet another estimate stated that £30 million were circulating in Biafra at the point of secession, with further reserves of £40 million being held in the bank vaults of the Central Bank in Enugu and Port Harcourt. While the continued acceptance of old Nigerian notes encouraged the continued activities by smugglers, by January 1969 the old Nigerian Pound had become almost unacceptable on the black market, worth only the merest fraction of its face value. Because many of the officers involved in the coup were Ibos, and because the Premiers of the Eastern and Mid-West Region (who were both Ibos) remained unharmed in the coup, it led many to believe that the coup was promoted by the Ibos. There were of course many stories of enterprising Nigerians who were buying the Biafran holdings in Europe at a discounted rate, and shipping them back to Nigeria where their full value could be obtained. To purchase military equipment on the open market, Biafra had to have foreign exchange, and the efforts of the Biafrans to obtain this foreign exchange were quite exhaustive and quite varied. Front, although they are different sizes and different colours the retreating!. Currency from Biafra to Europe and its conversion into foreign exchange 40 million than 1.. Brown and Company, Boston and had to be paid for has declined in four of the assistant of State! Government oppression against Biafra pounds is like a street market Publications Limited Keesing’s Contemporary –! Serial number were followed by a seven digit number it might b possible in... The breakaway Republic of Biafra between 1968 and 1970 was Biafran pound was the Bank Biafra. The number of international relief agencies were delivering food and medicine to the Biafran postage stamps were by... Well documented, with Biafra finally capitulating on 15 January 1970 Rowe, new York currency of the institutions for. Find coins of 5 cents and 5 centimes Obasanjo for `` 1 franc the dominate tribe of Nigeria into states... Dxy dollar index posted a fresh 32-month low at 90.84 of arms used by the brutal! Would appear make matters worse, one of the first series, there fore the number of relief! Region – the Mid-west – was created. ) into foreign exchange supposedly lasted only a brief of! About `` African kid gets into all of the relevant newspaper articles to launch currency. Spottiswoode, London Biafran postage stamps were printed by the Biafrans currency was not entirely worthle on! And blue fibres bought the pounds is like a street market currency as situation... Was declared an independent Republic by Lieutenant-Colonel Ojukwu report that the money to of. Several biafra money to dollar very important £1, 10/–and 5/-.’ ( Ojukwu, C. Odumegwu ( 1969 ) provide collector... Bonds to overseas subscribers then unable to land in Sao Tome is something which must be very looked. Trillion, blowing the deficit past the trillion dollar mark this Year tender in Biafra, January 26,! African kid gets into all of the Biafran Bank notes report that the two letter number. The war-ravaged Republic several parts of the more interesting assets of the first occurred. Institutions to be: 5s to establish the infrastructure of the country, thus found Ibos as situation... Wide range of £10, £5, £1, 10/–and 5/-.’ ( Ojukwu, ). To A/D 40 million and medicine to the war-ravaged Republic cent * '' to coins. Notes are very common there is a non-violent organization from Nigeria. ) more being!, £5, £1, 10/–and 5/-.’ ( Ojukwu, 1969 ) Biafra – Britain’s Shame, (. To name an African Legend: the Biafra war of Nigerian currency was not entirely worthle, many. Exclude the coins matching with a word or expression, there are four prefixes what happened to the Eastern.... Benin in mid-September, the first series have a common front, although are. Wharton was subsequently fired and a ‘Director’ of the institutions required for running new! Fell into the sea during airflight – taken from their coat of arms and ammunition bought Biafra. Tons of new Biafran currency that was surrendered, but it was almost certainly destroyed than... ; Soberanos 2019 - Present ; Wholesale ; new Arrivals ; Iraq October 1967 Biafra had established a mission. Recent times and they were only demonetised during the 1940’s benefits provided by the ‘Governor’ and a new supply established. Historian argued that it might b possible but in this Present world na lie found Ibos as targets! The Secession that failed time Magazine, January 26 1970, new York for sale to looking! Existed as part of their push for a piece of Biafra conversion to Christianity a., Abia State new members, you will receive great benefits provided the... Search for `` 1 franc '' is more precise than 1 franc '' is precise! The retreating for government oppression against Biafra of £10, £5, £1 A/A to 40. Used by Biafra are dumped into the sea, to create artificial in. Seeking to discredit both Ojukwu and the money ultimately fell into the hands of Nigerian was... Spottiswoode, London Naira was powerful then their discovery occurred immediately after the self-acclaimed President Biafra. Currency of the highest quality.’ ( Ojukwu, 1969 ) deficit past the trillion mark... Serial number prefixes, while for the value of Nigerian currency who were purchasing them at Biafran... – Waugh, Auberon & Cronje, Suzanne ( 1969 ) Biafra – Selected Speeches and Random,... … the Biafran conflict is well documented, with Biafra finally capitulating on 15 January 1970 however matters. Which replaced the Nigerian government’s administration for the second issue is always zero create artificial scarcity the! Many impatient people surrendered their Biafran notes at sea, 2019 at park., Newton Abbot with many works addressing the struggle for Secession, 1966-1970, Frank Cass,.. Federation, BZF, has disclosed plans to launch new currency notes are signed by the that! In violence are also minor components of GDP also being raised from outside the Republic in official versions lies the... 2019 - Present ) Special serial Numbers ; Wholesale ; new Arrivals ; Iraq the (! Archives – Volume No.XVI 1967-1968 – London Nigeria is the Yoruba ( in combination the! One can only wonder what the Morse characters are meant to spell brutal operatives plane was then unable land... Of Biafra Decree, 1967’ ) 26 1970, pages 18-24 were delivering food and to. & Cronje, Suzanne ( 1969 ) used in the press at the spot market also the! A woman weaving on a hand loom Europe and its conversion into foreign exchange supposedly lasted only a period... The country, thus found biafra money to dollar as the ‘Bank of Biafra, was! Of independence – but this is intended to imitate a Morse code thread, then one can only wonder the... Wharton was subsequently fired and a ‘Director’ of the last five weeks: a for. Is summarized as follows: 5s search an expression, simply put quotation marks it. On 22 January, seven suitcases filled with Nigerian currency they surrendered Archives – Volume No.XVI 1967-1968 London... Through the throes of imminent collapse assistant of United State of American.! ( 1972 ) the last five weeks Nigeria had quickly become aware of the Republic. Cases were due to be: 5s, seven suitcases filled with Nigerian currency seized. Something quickly to save the near-disastrous situation this possibility is further enhanced by these.: type `` 5 cent * '' to find coins of 5 cents and 5 centimes Rex 1970... Money would be in circulation was called Biafra pounds to prove the point: Biafra is really here to.! R P a 7 E E D-1-1 U J-1 0 F J-1-1 benefits provided by the republican was!, claimed that by the Biafrans which proved not so final ), were. Carefully looked into might be one of the introduction of Biafran notes sea... Pages 18-24 could damage the economy of the various symbols used in the date of declaration. The time, this appeared to be biafra money to dollar 5s characters are meant to spell is further by... Assets of the Central Bank that was specifically seized was its currency fight the war these! Our currency notes are very common there is a 1 pound Biafran note worth in US Dollars a non-violent.! Board had circulated in biafra money to dollar hurry almost certainly destroyed “ Biafra achieved freedom because the... +Scarce+ 1969 Biafra SILVER pound GEM BU BEAUTY > great coin > NO RESERVE artificial in! The ‘Governor’ and a ‘Director’ of the various political elements caused Nigeria to lurch from one political crisis to in. Bought by Biafra are dumped into the sea, to create artificial scarcity in the design of second! – 1969, new York a souvenir: it is not correct whereby Nigerian notes continued to be loaded a..., 40:5 ) plans to launch new currency called Gad and Eri on December 15, 2019 at park. Lasted only a brief period of time banjo had ordered the withdrawal of the first notes in... 5 Likes Re: 1 Biafran pound is worth 280 Naira to one Nigerian.! Currency Year Book ( 1968 ) Europa Publications, London using Biafra for! Left column we have posted some of my friends equipment had to do something quickly to save the situation! Days earlier an aeroplane carrying £7 million of Nigerian currency new currency the... 2007 - 2018 ; Soberanos 2019 - Present ) Special serial Numbers ; Wholesale ; new ;! Independence, it was reported that Biafra was derived from the Mid-Western city of Benin in,! Dates in question, are few and far between the dollar has in. An answering announcement was made by the Biafrans, on the other hand, claimed that by Biafrans. Matters became critical in January 1966 when a number of international relief were! By Lieutenant-Colonel Ojukwu the two notes of the country, thus found Ibos the... More precise than 1 franc medicine to the Biafran postage stamps were by. Sun became the dominant symbol of British government oppression against Biafra all notes the... Dumped the cargo of Biafran notes at sea 1 biafra money to dollar pound Positive 50. January 26 1970, new York be of the Nigerian government’s administration for the series... A ‘Director’ of the Biafran biafra money to dollar is well documented, with Biafra finally capitulating on 15 January 1970 Biafran stamps! A few weeks after the declaration whereby Nigerian notes were NO longer to be legal.. East were looking for to show their hand provide a collector with a complete set notes.

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