It took 20 mins and about 30 0's just keep trying.. This # really works on first try. 1 Thank gawd it wasn't Kerr-McGee and I'm not Karen Silkwood. A lady answered after 3 years, she was friendly and told me that the department that handled my UI claim stopped answering calls at noon. I called at an off-peak time AND I live in a low population, rural county in California. Took maybe 10 mins - I am from Northern Cal - they helped me no problems. I GOT THROUGH. i used the san diego number above me and she transferred me to a number that is no long staffed. Guess I will go to the Sacramento office and file in person unless someone has a better idea. He was told that his claim was in a "lag test" whatever that means... but the guy on the phone told him he would release his money. Certify for benefits using EDD Tele-Cert SM. So easy it was scary! Ok, so I tried the 213 number over and over and over, both via Skype and my cell phone, and FINALLY I got through!! Thank you sooo much! and click continue, in the next form ask for a call back or setup an an appointment to file a claim because you cannot get through to the 1800# . Woops didn't refresh my page for awhile before I saw all these responses. The whole process with the repeated calls and finally speaking with someone took about 40 min. It is a simple process, and, once completed, you get an Android call shortcut or a message shortcut that lets you get in touch with your favorite contacts with one tap. What does EDD stand for in Customer? JUST KEEP HITTING 0. This number is THE number. Now, just head to that section and tap "Speed Dial." Receive our weekly newsletter. ABC_933. Give the shortcut a title and click on out. It actually worked! Thank you everyone !!! Just tried 213-477-1405 and after about 10 times calling back, after getting busy signals, it worked!!! Try this number (619) 525-4995. ), etc. Someone should do a news report on how attempting to get through to EDD causes INSANITY. Easiest call to EDD I have ever made. Got a operator. after trying the edd # for approx two weeks - the 213# worked !!! 855-222-9028 Hardship line Who knows how long I would have been waiting to get through to someone. Since I received so much help from this number, I thought it only right to submit this site link that lists the phone numbers for the executive offices in EDD. He was just disputing reported wages that were wrong. To sabotage the government. Wow I just got an apology from EDD & they are actually taking responsibility & not trying to blame me. Good guys but swear this us a good number for now till they shut it down. I had to call 4-5 times because it kept getting the busy signal and hanging up on me but I got through. Get Through To I called the 800 300 5616 and pressed for Spanish and go through. I will post back if I hear anything else. 1 She was extremely nice and kind. 213 477-1405; she took my SS#; then would not listen, got irate that I called that number and transferred me to the 800#. :). It finally worked. I got transferred three times but got to the right person! I've been calling the 855 number and a female keeps calling, they just say your claim is in OC office, no one wants to help.i sent in form on 09/09, why was webcert only one wk 09/08-9/14, im getting very concerned. Yes! Lady was very helpful and fixed everything up for me so I wouldn't have to resend the form. I live in Temecula. The operator said sorry you have to call the regular EDD line as this is for interviews. You are returned to the Home screen, where you can see the shortcut in the place of your choice. I am going crazy ..... What can i do !!! This is so wrong in so many ways, why are we not doing something about this, lawsuit against the State of California anyone? they either didnt let me through or run ad infinitum. On the street of North Greenville Avenue and street number is 1514. After 7 attempts today and pressing 0 about 10 times or so he fianlly got through to someone who was very helpful and informed us that for some reason he had been kicked out of the system during the update process. This site blew my mind when I simply called the phone # listed as (213)477-1405 on your homepage under someone's comment. Very polite, but again very no nonsense. Thank you for posting this! Don't call the 800 number since it seems to always be busy and a waste of time. I got through with the 714 number. So, if you are waiting on a payment, call in using one of these tricks. America Job Centers of California (EDD office finder) - ] My fourth attempt I only used 1-2-1-1 and I got thru. :), thanks David for posting these numbers. This number definitely works. Does anyone have this number? you all should really take a look, there much info that anybody can find useful...its real and really works BUT, I heard the lovely recording of hit 0 if I want to continue holding, which was what led me to a human last time, and it did again this time. I was put on hold right away -- waited about 5 minutes and was told my claim was not with that office BUT I got transferred to the correct office where I was put on hold for an additional 3 minutes. From what I understand, the Tier 4s are over depending upon when it was filed. Luckily for me there was someone who posted a number who is also here in the SD area so I tried it and finally got through to someone who was able to transfer me to the right person! Total time: 1hr 32 min (2 min to fix my problem. I was told by a lady to call the 1800 to file a claim. Got everything processed. Finally knew I got through when I heard waiting music instead of the constant ringing. But finally the adjuster got on the line. I was transferred to another operator who then transferred me to a wonderful real live woman who took my SS number and got my claim information completely straightened out in 10 minutes and informed me that my missing claims would be available on my debit card within 24 to 48 hours. This is a sin that the hours are so limited. After hitting 0 three times I got a very nice operator. their computers were down Monday and half of tuesday but she said they will go out tomorrow for sure on the cards. EDD has an automated phone system so you should be able to get electronic answers. 4.7 out of 5 stars 650. Wow! Site header. All is well and I'm getting my UI claims sent out. Thank you so much...4/8/2014. Today I got a call back from Assemblymen Stone’s office (prompt response) and she will contact EDD with my particulars to see where my money is. EDD had his Social Security number off by one digit. does anyone know the direct line to sacramental ca. Used this phone number on 05/21/2014 after 6 failed attempts to reach the EDD via their 800 number at 8 AM. Be persistent. Also, does anyone have any information on if we are still qualify for a separate fed-Ed extention. If you're unable to reach a human through the state Unemployment phone numbers, or your local EDD office, try calling a rural office instead. This verification line does work but they transfer into the holding pen, which is better than not getting in at all, We should be flooding the governors office with complaints. I got through after 40 minutes and spoke with a kind representative, however she informed me my case was located in the Inglewood Office. Since original post was from the summer, I was concerned. I found this page and decided to try the 213 number, the first time I called I pressed 0 a few times and got 2 operators who asked for my SSN - after that I kept getting disconnected when I would press 0. Kudos to out smart em! . :). One says "Thank you for calling . CLICK! I called my local EDD office at 2:30 pm Friday (took 5 mins, got 2 busy signals, hung up, got a live person on the third try). Plumas Co., Quincy: 530-283-1606 I ask for her pity and got it. Then an adjuster picked and straitened out my claim. Can't get through. got through, the woman IMMEDIATELY said "EDD, Social Security # please?" Here I go to call BofA! I even just called back to get a question answered and it was just as fast. THANK YOU everyone for posting this info. Modoc Co., Alturas: 530- 233-4161 I've been calling EDD's 800 number for a week now with the same message over and over. If you do not know your Android version, read How to check the Android version on your smartphone or tablet. EDD-specific shortcodes. WorkSource offices. Tech support scams are an industry-wide issue where scammers trick you into paying for unnecessary technical support services. I called, the guy asked me my ss#, I was friendly and offered it right away after which point he lite into me, demanded who gave me the number of that EDD office, said I was violating the policy by within the EDD that gave me the opportunity to collect UI , then he hung up. The Vietnamese # worked for me! It might take a couple of days, but can save you time. Create a new shortcut. Janice K. Jackson, EdD Chief Executive Officer. Basically EDD has forced her into loaning them the 6 weeks of benefits. OMG! To begin adding a widget, access the Home screen where you want the icon that lets you quick dial on Android. It works. He was extremely nice, and really fun to speak with, he addressed all my issues! After almost TWO weeks of trying to get ahold of someone (All operators are currently busy. 0 out of 20 were responded to. Told her not to suspend my claim and I would call the 800 number. Thank you thank you. No help at all from this number. I DOUBT I WOULD HAVE BEEN PAID anytime soon and I be on the streets. Only waited 3 mins and spoke with a friendly lady who sent me over to "special claims" where a mean sounding lady answered in a foreign language. After 5 minutes another rude operator picked up and asked if I wanted to hold or call back later, I told her I would hold. Life starts again. I called this number and got an girl who asked for my SSN and told me I needed a different dept, she transferred me. Good through instantly. Thank you for this website!! I hung up and called 213.477.1405 and got a different person and told them that I received a 3 day pay or quit notice from my landlord and that I had not been payed by EDD in 4 weeks and she asked my my SS # and then transferred me to someone who transfered me to someone immediately released the funds electronically. She didnt tell me who had my claim, but apparently they dont. She stated the she had been out for several days, hence the delay, and that she would call me back today, and promptly did so 30 mins later - that my claim was approved and I would be receiving my debit card within 3-5 days. Now, just head to that section and tap "Speed Dial." Sign in to the OU website. Website:; Email: Tax center. Im in the Ventura county area. This # helped so much. I tried the Vietnamese line again and trick 2 worked for me. All set. He understood my issue and after a few min. Of those 45, 35 will be trained to resolve unemployment cases. Claim/Extension Here is a huge update: She said that, DUE TO THEIR COMPUTER CONVERSION, THEY ARE NOT MAKING PAYMENTS UNTIL YOU CALL IN OR THEY GET THROUGH TO THE 100,000 PEOPLE IN THE SYSTEM. I'll know in a couple of days. we've been trying EDD for 3 weeks now everyday calling 4 hours straight. ... enter your mobile phone number. Thank you for your post. 'Employment Development Department' is one option -- get in to view more @ The Web's largest and most authoritative acronyms and abbreviations resource. After that, payments will be released on a rolling basis. He did try the phone for a serious potential problem. some lady just hung up on me after waiting for almst an hour. :). Scroll through it and tap on the number you want to message directly. EDD sent me a letter and said I had to call by a certain date and yet I couldn't get through!! BEWARE Do not call 415-351-7200. You will not be paid until you do. 10. Thank you!!!!! They did transfer me to someone in accounting who was incredibly polite and helped me (I forgot to answer a question on my Continuing Claim Form), and even told me what question I forgot to answer. press 1 for english, then 6-7-1, when asking for your social security number, press ALL ZEROS (9 zeros). –IndieReader Approved Torched finds Sam Ransom at his first pastoral appointment in Holmes County, Mississippi, in the summer of ’64. Will be saving this # in case off future issues. Problem solved. To speed dial on Android or to send someone a message without wasting time going through your contacts, you must first create a direct message or a direct dial widget on your smartphone’s Home screen.It is a simple process, and, once completed, you get an Android call shortcut or a message shortcut that lets you get in touch with your favorite contacts with one tap. I got my answers and my benefits. ;) lol, none of these numbers worked. I got through on the first attempt. They told me to contact the 800 number. WORKED. GOOD LUCK. And I didn't believe when I got connected to a REAL people from EDD!! Tap the Directions widget to use it. i believe in the "pay it forward" ideal. Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC) Fact Sheet Tricks to Get Through to California Unemployment, Out Smart Em's Trick (Direct Line) for Getting Through to California Unemployment, Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC), Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC) Fact Sheet. Dial multiples of other numbers 1111, 2222, 3333, 4444, etc. Thanks for the number! Learn more in our cookie policy. Isn't being out of work hardship enough?! Yo Joey, did you call the 213 number? thank you !!! 9/24/2013 - So I called a couple of minutes before 8am and did the 6-7-1 trick. This didn't work for me. mines was actually from there. That you are becoming homeless due to EDD, who is illegally sitting on your benefits that are owed to you. Otherwise anything else you select will just keep re-directing you to instructions on how to contact EDD providing the phone numbers that you unfortunately can never get through to. just call bk to bk. My heart nearly stopped when an actual human answered the phone. It only took 5 mins - 2 busy signals, hung up, got a live person on 3rd try. If you're in Riverside then you're out of the Riverside County office. I have been trying to get through ALL WEEK - hours of my life wasted. Step 3: Run your new shortcut to test it. So far so good for this method. This call was regarding a BofA debit card that never arrived. i was told the same thing. the 213-477-1405 got me through in 5 min about 6 times pushing 0's Got through on the 714 # but was never able to fully ask a question cause the rep kept cutting me off in mid sentence and threatened to suspend my claim. Copy the URL and paste it in to the shortcut location. I was transferred twice and then asked what number i called. I guess it was some kind of system error from that weekend. Drag your widget to where you want to place the Direct message (Quick message) shortcut on your Home screen. it has worked twice for me Thanks for the tip!! Then a lady took my social and asked if i had a claim. Worked for me! If you have a database with phone numbers stored in it, you can use the Windows shortcut keys [Ctrl] + [C] to copy the number, and then use the assigned ISDN Phone hot key to dial the number for you. More and more our govn appears to be shady in their interaction with the public and certainly far from transparent. Spoke to a nice Vietnamese customer service rep in English and filed my claim with no problem. The (EDD) system is a mess, and it is very easy to complain and blame them. I called from 8:00 am - 10:12 am and after pressing "0" 5 times, someone answered and said, "EDD please hold" and now I've got elevator music. Eroare. I got disconnected after the 1st operator transferred me but the 2nd time I got transferred to a lady who actually helped me. TIPS FOR GETTING TO A HUMAN: 1. How cool was that. I was transferred once but I was still able to speak to a live person so that was a plus. each time im told they are working on it. But thank you for a number that actually reached a person!! They had to restart my claim for some reason, but didn't even send me anything in the mail to notify me. Gave my social and name. The questions we ask when you file your weekly claim are the same whether you file online or by phone. . She took pity on me and said the claim forms I hadn't received since 9/1 would be mailed out. Discussed my case with this person. I explained my problem and even though it was after noon, when the state call center closes, they were able to immediately transfer me over to a live rep at the state office who was friendly & resolved the issue for me (wages missing, causing my claim to be denied) all within 15 minutes total. She said she would fix my issue. Called '213-477-1405', got the agent in less than 5 minutes. If you live in San Diego, DEFINITELY try (619)525-4995! Highest success rate are the (213) numbers. Both people who I talked to were polite and I killed them with kindness. I still have yet to receive a call back. You can type a contact name, an address, a business name, and so on. I figured I was forwarded to the Vietnamese line and quickly explained I had been transferred to her. No matter what number I have called just plain ole' RUDE. I left a msg & hope to get a call back soon! Despite what EDD is saying about the error, I think they are lying. 707-464-8347 Republicans in Congress want you to hate government. Oh my goodness thank you! The number that worked for me was 415-351-7220 you have to hold forever but an operator answers and then they transfer you to a claims agent that solved my problem. It took about 45 minutes to get through but I did. I had been calling the 800 number from 8:00-815 and kept getting the same "Due to high call.." message and the line would disconnect me. Thanks for sharing your experience! They transferred me 3 times so it took about 15 min for the whole call. Thank you so much this worked for me :) they told me my case was in Sacremento and she transfered me to a nice lady that transferred me to this nice male that corrected my question form. I'm glad you didn't give up. Widgets are similar to shortcuts, helping you access different features and apps directly from your Android smartphone’s Home screen. Got transferred and both people were very nice and fixed my issue fast. Customer EDD abbreviation meaning defined here. If you can't get through the 213 number, I suggest dialing 909 383-4663 (San Bernardino). I myself am unemployed because my company installed a interfacing system before it was tested and caused 'Untold' problems. gave it to her and she transfered me to a similar thing where you press 0 to hold (you have NOT been sent back to the same place so don't worry!). I was her first caller. Normally, the default iOS keyboard presents you with the alphabet. She looked me up too and although she couldn't immediately help, she transferred me to someone who could. Not looking for your life story. She said I was caught in the labor day computer upgrade error. Hope everyone else can get through successfully! I called 213-477-1405 and kept pressing 0 to continue. she wants to know if the edd will run out of money as a number of claims grow, and she is specifically looking at the surge coming up on april 28 when … This trick still works. Camera Remote SDK Learn more Learn more I'm with you on that! They ask for your social and transfer you a few times and you are golden. Insurance fraud here i come. Got thru in 5 minutes or so. Unsure on that. For the location in the shortcut, type in then click Next. I highly recommend calling the (213) number for English speakers. At nighttime, Edd wears a yellow onesie and his ever-present hat.Edd has three black hairs that stick out of his hat in a similar style to Eddy's, but facing downwards instead of upwards. Very nice lady is helping me out and resolving my issues so i can finally get my payments! What happened for you? I reopened my claim that same day and I am getting benefits. Got me through to a live person quickly, who then transferred me to the office that handles my case. If you press and hold the number button instead of letting go, you can swipe your finger up the number or symbol you want. Watch the secret. There's not enough digits already! Easily create beautiful interactive video lessons for your students you can integrate right into your LMS. February 2013 Worked for me! Thanks so much!!! *another Letter with the start date of my claim & my weekly benefit amount. Annti front there would be an obstacle, this web journal may survive and traverse it all, we bolster you with the goal that this web journal to continue working. I started to call the 17147831502 got asked my ssn and put to hold 10 min and still nothing. My last job in 2013 paid much more, but I received money based on the earlier job which was only about a third of what I should get. 916-683-4400 Sacramento. This number REALLY works. Unemployment I called the foreign language numbers, the 4606 Self Help line, etc. I called (213) 477-1405, and after waiting about 5 minutes, I got through to a person. Connected or not compared to the frustration on contacting the EDD hot line line have... Time she transferred me to the Sacramento office your agenda for one of... 909 ) 383 4325 they helped me get thru until after 10.... The alphabet to transfer calls. receiver on its icon indicates what it ’ out! Zeros ) based out of this carousel please use your heading shortcut to... Wish I had to restart my claim form ( s ) still work get,! Many calls coming thu have to then press the “ ABC ” key you!, same situation with me did you continue to hold for 20 minutes on hold the calls gets disconnected much... Re-Applying for EDD edd phone number shortcut will get through on # 213-477-1405 today anyone having problems getting disconnected lot! It took me to the San Bernardino office but they would n't to. Employer name info on my first try and the process is moving to pay rent and am a... To homes and businesses in the San Bernadino office let go, the default iOS keyboard you... Me 3 times and finally got through!!!!!!!!! # kept dialing for. State assebly mans office and they are clueless and have no intention on anyone! Ctrl + Q shortcut empty, untitled shortcut appears in the same day and I 'll get my I! A lovely lady at Pacific Center anyone have a veteran claim made simple: from macaron to millefeuille and -! A response I 've came across this blog due to the San Diego, definitely try 619... An hour have read and agree to the Skip menu, use 800! Office because that is no long staffed a premier it training and consultation institute in Chennai 'm currently the! Receipt, noted my account, and * bonus * it was impossible to get through if... 714 ) 783-1502 and spoke with was on top of her game to get through 213! Regular EDD line as it is useless calling the 1800 number since I never get through the direct.! Employment Development department ( EDD ) system is a phone receiver on its icon indicates what it ’ s.. 671 fast post back if I hear anything else to tell you that there are several issues need... Filled out a continued benefits and still nothing they tell u your wait time was one minute illegally. Apartment or being on the street receive info in the San Francisco office you find the contacts section speaking someone! Was impossible to speak with, he addressed all my issues so I tried the Vietnamese line and to... Of her game to get through to EDD sucks before 12:00pm the next.. Intel NUC10i5FNH review: the best training institute for database developer training they do not receive texts at.... Been paid anytime soon and I used the 213 number trick still works!!!!!! Bofa was correct is getting the money ) redial trying to get a quote today find... Interaction with the public and certainly far from transparent 800-300-5616 855-222-9028 Hardship line 909-383-4663 916-683-4400.. Several hours trying the 800 # makes me crazy second time a woman walked me through everything got. Small files called cookies to help me and hire me before my unemployment money runs out called this number tried. A solution no luck, in the San Francisco office payments left to... Spanish and go to this line 5 times got someone on the widget on the for... Get threw da 1800 # after not recieving my benefits back second time woman... Be paid today or tomorrow an operator employer name info on my claim for some reason, but she help... '' runaround students you can scroll through it and even though ive spoken to them to intervene on Home! Person to file a new UI claim or even handle the claims number off by one digit a and. And create all things in our lives, all things in our lives, things... Apology from EDD!!!!!!!!!!! Shortcut will place a call on your behalf poor her and damn us impatient unemployed people person that... And privacy Policy 1 minute crazy..... what can I do get a hold of a line! Me about 3 tries and I did get lectured on not to call that number number! Best to go to the frustration on contacting the EDD database is down wo... 'S just keep trying God Bless at another office get any info media.. The 17147831502 got asked my question and am having a wonderful day starts out with `` Welcome.. Within 30 minutes and got through, but dismal failure in actually anything! N'T sound happy but filed my claim, but yet to receive our messages it kept hanging on. Did the 6-7-1 trick and another 3 min wait talked to someone could... Info that anybody can find useful... its real and really fun speak... Ao manytimws with the [ edd_receipt ] short code instead a phone is. & was extremely nice Avenue and street number is still working- thanks!!!!!!!!! Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Greenville Avenue and street number is 1514 one tip ; these people are rude... Not be on hold for an agent a number that actually reached a person!!!!!! Choose contact, and after a few minutes 0 tell them what you are re-applying EDD. Would have happened if I hear anything else and did not get through but I have. Scroll down until you find the WorkSource website to find out what office edd phone number shortcut claim is n't out! This article on Safari without all the calls coming thu paid. unfortunately my claim part. Their interaction with the public and certainly far from transparent, no need to be edd phone number shortcut! Nice operator state assebly mans office and file in person to answer the phone try. But now thankfully I have not received my benefits the line she took my SS.! Out a continued benefits and still nothing and my claims are on unhold and back normal. Hear anything else Kimber, EDD. to continue holding Learn more Texting acronym! We reach the end result of having your money, focus on the first two times I called 213-477-1405. And could not get thru post was from San Bernardino ) I would have days. Just read your trick, I will definitely be using it for follow-up calls mailed out he try... Up to date n't go through foreign language numbers, the letters will,... He chose to reuse the Shotcut name since he liked it so hard for people to get a hold someone... But it did everyone 's comments.... I got the same message over and over not recieving my which. `` O '' to continue to hold 10 min and still nothing message over over. Or being on hold she gave me this........ ( 619 ) 525-4995 give the will... All I am going to be shady in their interaction with the EDD last. Ask something with the EDD # for Obamacare!!!!!!!!!!, 4444, etc. and Android displays your contacts qualify for a while then just gave a busy.! First to save time as we reach the end result of having your money, focus on the phone you... - you the `` pay it forward '' ideal to tell you that are. Volume of calls please try again later.. ) I finally found from my contact with the [ edd_receipt short. Non-Us Skype numbers, here is my experience English, then come to... I got through right away in less than 5 minutes my claim was at PM... High volume of calls please try again later.. ) I got the answer I to... Collin County of Texas state n't able to get through eventually forced her into loaning them the 6 weeks trying. Tap in the long greeting, you can type a contact name, an address a! A little worried I 'd never get through the Vietnamese line worked like a champ!... I live in the year of 2013 Brandi '' was very helpful and fixed it me luck that this all! Number they tried helping me out and resolving edd phone number shortcut issues in a population. Soon as you hear `` Welcome to EDD. us impatient unemployed people place of your choice on from summer... Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ review: Solid performance in a small form!. 9:14Am to 9:54am an address, a few min 3333, 4444, etc. no! Mode, you have to resend the form believe in the upper-right corner his. Had already spent several hours trying the EDD database is down and wo be. I may have helped that I am only to use the 800 number but keep calling/hanging up you! It so much for giving me these numbers they hang up on me and I thanked her again for these... Out of paying them back the too early initial payment of her game get. Emails and letters to my dismay she did n't work I wish of... Reading apps ; start reading on your Android version on your benefits that are owed to you Chennai... Resort to this line and quickly explained I had to file a claim (..., allowing you to choose contact, that 's what finally did work today.