Some cultivars are triploid – they have sterile pollen and need two other %PDF-1.7 A popular traditional French hard cider variety. It is worth remembering that most white-blossom crab apple trees make excellent pollinators for almost any apple variety. One of the best-flavored US apple varieties, a good choice for the backyard orchard. This is because they produce very large quantities of pollen over a long period and are (with some exceptions) only distantly related to mainstream apple varieties so their pollen is highly compatible. There is much overlap in bloom times, but for the best crops, choose a partner with the same bloom time or one step in either direction. A traditional English cider variety, producing a sweet juice. Freezing —(not on chart) Golden Delicious, Rome Beauty, Stayman, Jonathan, Granny Smith. Needs a compatible cultivar--growing within 100' of the tree for standard, 50' for semi-dwarf and 20' for dwarf varieties-- to ensure pollination. Porter's Perfection is a 19th century English cider variety producing a bittersharp juice. Choose another variety Pollination of Honeycrisp apple trees Your Honeycrisp apple tree is in flowering group 4.It is not self-fertile and needs a pollination partner of a different variety nearby. Antonovka is one of the most cold-hardy of all apple varieties. Try a mixture of apple types in a single recipe. Pixie Crunch is a small modern disease-resistant apple with a crisp flesh and great flavor. Amazingly slow to turn brown when cut. The juice is a claret red colour. While some varieties of apple are able to fertilize themselves (trees described as ‘self-fertile’), others require pollen from another tree to do the job – a process known as cross-pollination. Lists. Home. Please note that our whilst our system takes many relevant factors into account, it is certainly not completely accurate. Winecrisp is a modern disease-resistant apple with a spicy flavor. A mid-season apple variety with a good flavor, and good for juicing. An excellent late-season Cox-style aromatic apple. A rich sweet-flavored red apple which grows best in the northern states. endobj Crab apples are usually regarded as ornamentals that are mainly used as garden showpieces. RubyJon Gale Gala Fulford Gala Crimson Gala Buckeye Gala Autumn Gala Granny Smith Star Gala Redfree Sansa Smokehouse Ginger Gold Suncrisp Hampshire Mac Shizuka Super Chief Spur Red Delicious ... APPLE POLLINATION CHART. Check across chart. ��Ğ΢��Nꐄ�!�=[�u^�#�����������;�_`ɓ�W�/��"�e+��QG~PH�v-m�p*bҹ�I�w. Introduced in 1964. Golden Russet is an antique apple from New York, considered the best-flavored of American russets. Select a cultivar you are interested in growing from the left hand column. Freyberg (or Freyburg) is an attractive golden yellow apple with a high-quality sweet refreshing flavor. It is partially self-fertile, but a nearby pollination partner of a different variety is beneficial. (Most white-blossom crab-apples will also be good pollinators for this variety). SnowSweet® Savory, sweet tasting apple, with a slight tart balance and rich overtones. Also, pairing two apple tree varieties that bloom at the same time will maximize your cross pollination and yield better fruit production. An unusual small apple with a distinctive sweet flavor, and exceptional cold-hardiness. Cripps Red is a late-season dessert apple from Australia, with a crisp dense flesh and a good flavor. C105 – Pollination of Fruit Trees P a g e | 2 9/2/2015 APPLE CROSS-POLLINATION TABLE Directions for use: 1. Since flowering generally extends for several weeks, there is some overlap between the early and late blooming varieties. Akane is an attractive early-season eating apple with a good pedigree and a sweet/sharp flavor. Wolf River is the perfect cooking apple for the north - reliable, cold-hardy, disease resistant. Standard size trees can take up to 8 years to bear fruit. For example 'Indian Summer' crabapple can pollinate honeycrisp apples. A small highly flavored variety from France, where it is known as Api. Transfer of pollen from cross varieties of apple trees to alternate cross varieties is called cross pollination. 1 0 obj Scarlett O'Hara is a modern disease-resistant red eating apple. <> Select a cultivar from list above a square marked with an X. - Pollen is primarily transfered by honeybees so plant trees 100 feet or less apart. The following varieties will pollinate this apple tree. Kingston Black is one of the premier English cider varieties and produces a bittersharp juice. There have been few late frosts in the main apple growing regions, rain and temperatures have been good, so the year is shaping up well for a good apple crop. A high quality early-season apple variety with a notably sweet flavor. Use this link if you want to send this page to a friend or use it in your own website: Cannot be used to pollinate other apple trees, as it is a triploid. The fruit will store for 4 to 5 months. Gala is popular supermarket apple - but better when home-grown, with a sweet pleasant flavor. stream A large yellow russeted apple with an excellent sweet flavor. Granny Smith is the world-famous green apple from Australia, a good choice for warmer apple-growing regions. endobj A traditional very early-season dual-purpose apple, which is also very winter-hardy. A second tree to enhance pollination will increase production. Cripps Pink is one of the best-known modern apple varieties, well-suited to the warmer apple-growing regions. Apple Pollination Chart. An old heirloom apple variety named after the town in Massuchusetts. HOME FRUIT GROWING-- APPLE Cultivar lists. Pollination partner apple varieties in our catalog Apple Trees Pollination Chart - Apples Pollinator Idared MacIntosh Lodi Liberty Cortland Empire Red Delicious Jonagold Golden Sentinel Staymans Winesap Red Jonathan Freedom Yellow Delicious Crispin (Mutsu) Granny Smith Red Fuji Gala Northern Spy Braeburn Macoun Sweet 16 is a sweet-flavored apple, with good cold hardiness. The following varieties will pollinate this apple tree. Guide to Apple Pollination. (Most white-blossom crab-apples will also be good pollinators for this variety). Harry Masters Jersey is a traditional English cider apple variety, producing a bittersweet juice. A high-quality late-season eating apple, keeps well, and at its best in mid-winter. Specialist fruit trees for your orchard or back-yard. Thought to be very old. Apple varieties Alphabetical Chart - which apple to pick and why! These are the best apples for ripening in Western Washington. Cross pollination of apple trees must occur at bloom time wherein the pollen is transferred from the male part of the flower to the female part. One of the world's great cooking apples, Calville Blanc is a French variety with a spicy tangy flavor. A disease-resistant and cold-hardy summer apple with a sweet flavor, also known as Co-op 13. A solid understanding of apple tree pollination brings you that much closer to enjoying your own homegrown apples! Here we list our apple trees into three blooming times, Early season, Mid Season, and Late season bloom. Susceptible to apple scab and of moderate hardiness. So how can crab apples be used to increase management flexibility in allowing a greater choice of pollinators for apples? Choosing the pollinator i… (Most white-blossom crab-apples will also be good pollinators for this variety). Pollenizers should be placed every 50 feet and staggered in adjacent rows. Considered by many to be the best-tasting apple ever, Rubinette has a perfect sweet / sharp flavour. Also known as Co-op 31. 3 0 obj Selected Variety Pollen Source Pair with a another variety CrimsonCrisp is a modern scab-resistant apple, with a very crisp flesh. • Apples a w ~ a ‘S’ a artially self-fertile varieties that will often produce enough fruit for the home gardener without a pollinator. Apples are ripening on their normal schedule this year. However, in recent years interest has focused more on their value as being pollinators for apple varieties, with worldwide research directed at testing their usefulness and effectiveness for this job. Cortland Dorsett Golden Ein Shemer Fuji Gala Ginger Gold Golden Delicious Gordon Granny Smith Haralred Haralson Honeycrisp Honeygold Jonagold Jonathan Liberty Lodi McIntosh Ozark Gold Pink Lady Red Delicious ... Apple Tree Pollinators Chart. An 18th century French apple variety with an aromatic and complex flavor. Egremont Russet is the most popular English russet variety, and a good apple tree for the garden. A second tree to enhance pollination will increase production. Kidd's Orange Red is one of the best Cox-style apples, aromatic, sweet, and easy to grow. Pollination partner apple varieties in our catalogue Wickson crab is a popular crab apple variety which is also useful in cider blends. APPLE POLLINATION CHART Most apples require a second variety for successful cross pollination, preferably another variety blooming at the same time. To ensure good crops, apples should have a pollinating partner. Esopus Spitzenberg is one of the best-flavored American heirloom apples, and a favorite of Thomas Jefferson. Cortland Royal Court Zestar! Measurement guidelines: (this cannot be exact since apple sizes vary) One pound of apples = approx. Bears fruit in 6–10 years if standard, 4–6 years if semi-dwarf and 3–4 years if dwarf. Apple Pollination Chart. 2 0 obj 2 large, 3 medium or 4 small apples <>/Metadata 335 0 R/ViewerPreferences 336 0 R>> INDIAN SUMMER <> <>/Font<>/XObject<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 612 1008] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> Not as well known as other russets, St. Edmund's Russet is nevertheless one of the best. Legend; Do not use as a pollenizer: Can be used as a pollenizer: Lodi Liberty Summer Rambo ... Crown™ Empire Marshall McIntosh Pioneer™ Mac RubyMac® Freedom Idared Cortland All varieties of apple trees require some cross-pollination for fruit set. x��}[��6��"��X�qD$�� �"$K�������؇R��]�VUou���_��� �L�H�c��]��L$.�e���G��?��ӯo���������~y/����ϊ�������ce��Lp�w�(���i����y�,{��OY��a��Ky���Y���'+�V���_���g�?��*/����rVg��7R�X�c�/ϟ����Ջ�m��?K��o�'߼����ÿ>�Vr���ϖ�Q2YPxz�Y21e���]��˟BՏ������.V���wM�{*o�Mg IR6����p,�G���V��>T�(�u�r�G�/�Zuj�[w��תp�kіyK�.�6���kD����] Cortland X X X X X Elstar * X Empire * X Enterprise X X X X X Fuji * X Gala ... Heirloom Apples Arkansas Black * X X Boskoop Glory (Goudreinet ... Spitzenberg * X X Apple Pollination Chart More Information on Back 4/11/2017 Variety Variety Selected. Key X Acceptable Pollinizer O A quietly popular apple, similar to Delicious but with a better and more complex flavor. Tree is moderately vigorous and easily trained. A very early disease-resistant golden-green apple with a tart flavor. Michelin is a traditional French cider apple variety producing a bittersweet juice. APPLE POLLINATION • An apple variety can generally be pollinated by any other variety in the same or an adjacent column.