In this travel-blog, I list them with a short description and a link to the travel-blog in question, where you will see many more photos and get much more information on each individual turf house, with directions on how to reach those turf houses, which are open to the public. The 10 Best Guest Houses in Iceland Check out our pick of great guest houses in Iceland. Guides dressed up as Vikings will tell you about the life of the Vikings, who lived at Eiríksstaðir turf farm. You can also check out what UNESCO has to say about the Icelandic turf houses, which is a more professional approach. I have written a special travel-blog about Litlibær turf house if you want to see more photos of this lovely little turf house: Litlibær Turf House on the Hvítanes Peninsula in the Westfjords of Iceland - a Cute little Turf House Café. Kudos to them for a job well done! Belonging to the Historical Buildings Collection of Þjóðminjasafnið - the National Museum of Iceland - is the fish-shed Hjallur - the Hovel, in Vatnsfjörður on the northern part of the  Westfjords of Iceland. The hypothesis turf house stands next to the modern-looking Cathedral of Skálholt. The lychgate is from 1936, but the bells date back to 1630. Here the seasonal fishermen slept and ate together. The accommodation boasts a hot tub and parking. Such fishermen's huts, made with turf, rock and wood, were to be found in many places in Iceland. The turf house is open daily from 8:00-18:00 - please tread carefully. It is, in my opinion, an extremely cute turf house, buil... A List of the beautiful Icelandic Turf Houses, which I have visited on my Travels in Iceland, Sænautasel Turf House in the Highland of Iceland, Grænavatn turf house at Mývatn in North-Iceland, Glaumbær turf house in Skagafjörður in North-Iceland, Þverá turf house in Laxárdalur valley in North-Iceland, Nýibær turf house at Hólar in Hjaltadalur in North-Iceland, Árbær turf house in Reykjavík in South-West Iceland, Stóru-Akrar turf house in Skagafjörður in North-Iceland, Íslenski bærinn turf house at Austur-Meðalholt in South-Iceland, Brattahlíð & Bergsstaðir in Svartárdalur valley in North-Iceland, Grafarkirkja turf church - the oldest one of them all, Núpsstaðakirkja turf church - the smallest one, Saurbæjarkirkja turf church - the biggest one, Víðimýrarkirkja turf church - the most beautiful one, Árbæjarkirkja turf church - the rebuilt one, Geirsstaðakirkja turf church - a replica of an old turf church, Bænhús á Efri-Brú - a hypothetical turf church, Herjólfsbærinn - Herjólfur's old farmstead in the Westman Islands, Eiríksstaðir - the turf house of Erik the Red & Leif the Lucky, Hrafnseyri turf house in the Westfjords of Iceland, Lýtingsstaðir in Skagafjörður - the Old Stable, The turf house at Efri-Vík by Landbrot in South-Iceland, Drangeyjarskáli on Drangey island in North-Iceland, Sjómannagarðurinn - the Fishermen's Garden, A selection of the remaining turf outhouses in Iceland, Kofinn - the Shed at Sauðhúsvöllur in South-Iceland, National Museum's Historic Buildings Collection, many travel-blogs about the few turf houses left in Iceland, Grafarkirkja Turf Church in North-Iceland - the oldest Turf Church in Iceland, Núpsstaður Turf Church and Mt. Thus it is not possible to visit it. It is a old house with a good soul. The buyer shoulders all costs when buying property, which include real estate agent's fee, stamp duty, and registration fee. At Árbæjarsafn Folk Museum in Reykjavík, you will find a lovely turf church. Villa in Hella 9.5 Exceptional 106 reviews Boasting a terrace, Hekla Cabin 2 Volcano and Glacier View provides accommodation in Hella with free WiFi and lake views. The turf house at Austur-Meðalholt, or Íslenski bærinn, as it is also called, meaning the Icelandic turf farm, is built in the sunnlenskur style (the southern style) and made with turf and rocks and timber. Best Steakhouses in Reykjavik, Capital Region: Find Tripadvisor traveler reviews of Reykjavik Steakhouses and search by cuisine, price, location, and more. Imagine that, we could have lost this little turf church! On the best place in town. At Keldur you will also find the oldest remaining structure in Iceland, an underpass which is believed to date back to the 11th-13th century or the Age of the Sturlung. Off the beaten path in Skagafjörður at Kjálki, you will find a privately owned turf house, Tyrfingsstaðir turf house. The Sorcerer's Cottage was opened on the 23rd of July 2005. The owners run a restaurant and a guesthouse on the opposite side of the road in Skagafjörður. They divided the turf house into two parts for each of their families. 8.4. On Drangey island, where the Viking Grettir the Strong of the Saga of Grettir was killed in the year 1031, you will find a black and white painted turf house, Drangeyjarskáli hut. Laufás turf house in Eyjafjörður in North-Iceland is one of the bigger turf houses, which is now a museum. Another hypothetical turf farm has been erected at Eiríksstaðir, the turf farm of Erik the Red and Leif the Lucky. Ingólfsfjall and Ingólfsskáli Turf Longhouse in South-Iceland, The turf house at Efri-Vík by Landbrot in South-Iceland. An older turf house was moved up on the hill to the current location of Selið back in 1832-1850 when the glacial river Skaftá was acting up. I must say that he looks really authentic dressed in this way ;), Stekkjarkot workingman's cottage in SW-Iceland. in 1975-1977 and again in 1985, 1994 and 2000. There are no relatively intact turf houses left in the Westfjords, so I applaud that our National Museum took on this project. There are very few remaining turf houses in South-Iceland, so this turf house is well worth a visit while hiking in Skaftafell. At Skógar Museum you will see a beautiful turf house, which is not original per se in this location, but a reconstruction of original turf houses from different locations from this area in South-Iceland. The median nightly price of house rentals in Iceland is £161, and the average size is 69 m².Moreover, these rentals are ideal for medium-sized groups and families, since that's the average number of guests that house rentals can host in Iceland.Apartment rentals are the other most typical type of accommodation in Iceland. Votes: 4,505 This tiny church, which is the smallest of the turf churches left in Iceland, was built before 1657, so the oldest parts of it are from the 17th century. Some of them are built with modern-day material. A lone gable at Reynistaður in Skagafjörður (Staðarhreppur) represents an old turf farm, which has belonged to the National Museum of Iceland since 1999. Hrafnseyri is the birth-place of our national hero Jón Sigurðsson, and the turf house is a hypothetical replica of the turf farm in which Jón was born. This, the oldest outhouse in Iceland, is called Hesthúsið á Hólum or the Stall at Hólar, but Hólar was the name of the farm. Inside Grenjaðarstaður turf house in Iceland. The turf farm was rebuilt in 1880. This turf hut was erected in 1984. Þorláksbúð is a hypothesis turf house at the historical episcopal See Skálholt in South-Iceland. Rent your place online and feel at home all over the world with HousingAnywhere. Elliðaey (left) and Bjarnarey (right). These big turf outhouses were in use until the 1970's when 4 of them were demolished when the road was built. Inside Árbæjarkirkja turf church in SW-Iceland. From 1944 this old stall was used as a smokehouse for male lumpfish and meat. Inside Hofskirkja turf church in South-Iceland. The Elliðaey Hunting Association continues to maintain the white house as a hunting lodge to support their activities during expeditions to hunt puffins on the island. Tyrfingsstaðir turf house in North-Iceland with many more photos of this special turf farm, Núpsstaður turf outhouses in South-Iceland. Skúli was the Sheriff here in Skagafjörður from 1711-1794. A similar, or so we believe, turf church stood on this spot during Viking time, some 1000 years ago. Inside Bustarfell turf house in East-Iceland, The beautiful Bustarfell Turf House in East-Iceland, The Sheriff's Wife at Burstarfell and the Elf-Rock in East-Iceland - Icelandic Folklore. The hall of the turf house at the historical Keldur in South-Iceland is believed to be the oldest turf house hall remaining in Iceland. It was actually one of the largest front-houses of its kind at that time here in Iceland. So you can see that this was quite a historical place. It is under the care of Byggðasafn Árnesinga - the Árnessýsla Heritage Museum and is open to visitors. You will see several hospices on the heaths in Iceland, new and old. See this. Turf houses have to be maintained frequently and in 1997-2000 Nýibær got a makeover. Hofskirkja is even more special though since it is the last one being built in . Isn't this a pretty photo? Property buying transaction costs are very minimal from 2.40% to 3.40%. Many of them were demolished as it was easier than disinfecting them, but not the outhouses at Langhús. Glymur Waterfall is considered as one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Iceland. The owner, Hannes, who was born in this turf house, will show you around the turf house and the excellent photo exhibition of old turf houses. In my photo below you will see the vestry which is opposite Árbæjarkirkja turf church. Close to the hypothetical turf farm, you can visit the excavated ruins of the real farm. Cozy cabin with hot tub and great view. You will find old turf fishermen's huts in several places in Iceland: At the Fishermen's Garden in Hellissandur on the Snæfellsnes peninsula, you will find Þorvaldarbúð fishermen's turf hut. On a remote, deserted, island in the Vestmannaejar archipelago — just off Iceland’s south coast — sits a lonely, solitary white house on the side of a green hill. However, there is no connection between the singer and the uninhabited island of Elliðaey in the Vestmannaejar peninsula. The altar and the pulpit in the church are original. Grenjaðarstaður turf house in North-Iceland is a beautiful white turf house, which was the largest turf house in the county, some 775 sq.m.! 2,247 out of the 4,565 listed accommodations in Iceland are house rentals.They account for one-third of the accommodation options in this destination (38.2%).In addition, these vacation accommodations have a median size of 750 ft² and a median price of $217 a night. Þuríðarbúð was rebuilt in 2001. In Iceland, house rentals are the most common accommodation type. The lychgate and old bells at Grenjaðarstaður, Þjóðminjasafn Íslands - the National Museum of Iceland - Húsasafn, Af jörðu - íslensk torfhús - Hjörleifur Stefánsson, Barmar - torfbær í Reykhólasveit - Morgunblaðið, Book your complete trip with the best companies only, Iceland is spectacular in so many ways and Icelandic nature is quite unique with its vast landscape,  volcanic activity, geothermal areas, glacier lagoons and sceneries, black sand beaches and spect, People have been asking me where to find lupines in Iceland. Grænavatn is a turf house located in the Lake Mývatn Area in North Iceland, owned by the National Museum of Iceland. However, it does boast its own sauna, essential after a long day of hunting, which is fed by a natural rainwater collection system. These turf houses are now under the supervision of the Cultural Heritage Agency. Over recent years, Elliðaey has been featured in countless reports and articles, fuelling speculation about the island and the owner of its mysterious house. Inside Eiríksstaðir - the turf house of Erik the Red in West-Iceland. For this reason, it is officially listed as a nature reserve and a protected area. Of course, where you look for housing will change the price. Let's always treat these old turf structures with utter respect as they are delicate gems. Unfortunately, according to, the reality is far less exciting than these rumors might suggest. The cottage was built on another farmer's land and the occupants rented the cottage from the farmer. Geirsstaðakirkja Turf Church in East-Iceland - a Replica of an old Turf Church. When the sheep disease scrapie showed its ugly face in Fljótsdalur, the whole stock of sheep in the valley had to be killed and the outhouses disinfected. They are in bloom and visible almost wherever you drive aro, On my search for turf houses around Iceland, I visited Sænautasel hypothetical turf house on Jökuldalsheiði heath in the highland of Iceland. Grafarkirkja turf church in North-Iceland. So it was well worth the visit. Only 3 families lived in it from 1855-1924, but it was abandoned in 1887-1917, restored and inhabited from 1917-1924 until it was abandoned again. The turf house is open as a museum in the summertime. Hotel Laki and its Amazing Surroundings in South-Iceland, Drangeyjarskáli on Drangey island in North-Iceland in the fog. Víðimýrarkirkja turf church is to be found in Skagafjörður in North-Iceland. The building style is a later time building style and Grænavatn turf house is one of its kind in Iceland. Kotbýli kuklarans - the Sorcerer's Cottage - in Bjarnarfjörður in the Westfjords of Iceland is one of its kind in Iceland. Galtastaðir-fram was built in the 19th century - a modest turf farm inhabited by poorer people, as opposed to the big manors I have shown you earlier. Fortunately, the farmers were able to save it and Ingólfsskáli was rebuilt. Möðrudalur farm also offers accommodation, both at the camping site and in latter-day turf houses, called Baðstofa - the sitting room of olden times. Hofskirkja was built in 1883-1885, but a church has been on this site for much longer or around 700 years. On the Tjörnes peninsula in North-Iceland, you will see a turf house at the Museum of Mánárbakki. In the 13th century, Reynistaður was one of the manors of the powerful Viking Clan of Ásbirningar. Now I am going to show you the beautiful little turf church at Núpsstaður. A hypothetical turf church has been erected at the farm Efri-Brú in South-Iceland. Hlið turf house in the Fishermen's Village in Álftanes in SW-Iceland is another addition to Icelandic turf houses. Skúli's turf house was built from 1743-1745 and rebuilt in 1955 and again in 1989-1990. It is the only turf church we have got in Reykjavík - and it isn't even of Reykjavík origin. Barmar is one of the few turf houses which is privately owned. This turf church is now closed to the public. Gamla Posthusid - Holiday Apartment 2. At Sauðhúsvöllur in South-Iceland, you will notice a small turf shed by ring-road 1. All fully furnished, showing us how people lived back in the olden days in Iceland. You can read more about it in my travel-blog: An Amazing Tour to Askja and Holuhraun Lava Field in the Highlands of Iceland, The turf mill house at Keldur in South-Iceland. Two couples had been assigned this land and they erected Litlibær turf house together. See all. It is reconstructed and while my father-in-law was working for Vegagerðin - the Road Administration of Iceland, he was in charge of reconstructing this turf shed. The ruins had been hidden under the tephra for 835 years when they were unearthed. Jenna Spesard tours unique spaces and Tiny Houses around the world. My husband's paternal grandmother lived at Þverá turf house with her family, and Áskell is my husband's relative, so we visit Þverá every year when we travel in this area, and he has shown us around the turf house. Sænautasel was again rebuilt in 1992 and is now a museum and a café. It is a small stable made of turf and rocks and dates back to 1650! Bustarfell was inhabited from 1770-1966 when the last inhabitants moved out. Grótta Lighthouse A lighthouse has existed at Grótta since as early as 1897; before that, a historic farmstead can be dated to the area as early as the 16th century. Join 1000s of subscribers and receive the best Vintage News in your mailbox for FREE, Police arrest a 72-year-old “suburban grandfather” suspected of being the Golden State Killer, “I’m not dead yet”: some Buddhist monks followed self-mummification, Project Azorian: Howard Hughes’ secret mission, 1960s U.S. satellite that started transmitting again in 2013, The “Walk of Shame” in Game of Thrones historical inspiration, The only unsolved skyjacking case in U.S. history might have a break, Kurt Gödel became too paranoid to eat and died of starvation, “Little Ease”: One of the most feared torture devices in the Tower of London, The humble English girl who became Cora Pearl, Walt Disney softened the original Snow White story. The hypothesis house shows us what we believe that the oldest type of turf houses in Iceland looked like in the 10th century. This hut (photo above), which is made of turf, rocks and driftwood is located in Hveravellir in the highlands of Iceland. Check them out on Facebook. My great-grandfather, Bjarni Benediktsson, was born in this turf house. You can read more and see photos of the inside of the original Viking longhouse in my travel-blog: Stöng - Ruins of a Real Viking Settlement Manor and the Reconstructed Saga-Age Farm in Iceland. The oldest parts of the current turf houses date back to 1865. Buying a house in Iceland. From 2010 to 2018, residential property prices surged 100% (58% inflation-adjusted), including a growth of 15% per year in 2016 and 2017. Laufás turf farm was built in 1866-1877 and here was a wealthy vicarage and a manor. It was a wealthy vicarage and a manor, built of turf, lava rocks from the vicinity and timber. Þjóðveldisbærinn is open as a museum in the summertime. The building type of Galtastaðir-fram is neither southern nor northern, but Galtastaðagerð type, an older type of turf houses. My photo above is of a turf shed next to the turf house. I have not written a separate travel-blog on Reynistaður, so I went into some detail here. Just 1 km off Iceland’s Ring Road, this privately-run guest house is 4 km from Höfn town centre. Set over 2 floors, with an outside terrace, this place is … Bustarfell turf house in East-Iceland is one of the country's best-preserved turf houses and the only one of the big turf houses, which is painted in a beautiful red colour. When I visited Þverá I noticed that a creek had been channelled through one of the rooms - what a clever idea. Reynistaður was a manor and here many a chieftain lived, f.ex. It is a very well-known photo model. Byggðasafn Vestfjarða - the District Museum of the Westfjords is in charge of the museum which shows us the ways of living of farmers and fishermen in this area in the first part of the 20th century. It is one of the very few inhabited turf houses in Iceland. Lindarbakki is inhabited in the summertime and is only one of very few turf houses, in which people still live. Check out my travel-blog Árbæjarsafn Open Air Museum in Reykjavík for winter photos of the turf houses. I stayed at the hotel at Efri-Brú for one night and can recommend this beautiful location. Most of Iceland's remaining turf houses belong to Þjóðminjasafn Íslands - the National Museum of Iceland and are a part of the National Museum's Historic Buildings Collection. Archaeological excavations in 1971-1983 unearthed 8 turf houses from 4-5 periods. These brightly blue-painted turf outhouses I found at Vallarhjáleiga in Flóahreppur in South-Iceland, but a relative of mine owns this land. It consists of 3 connected turf houses, made of turf, driftwood from Strandir and rocks. It was inhabited until 1967 and a new concrete farm was built next to it in 1960. The less travelled valleys in Iceland often have hidden treasures and visiting these farms, especially the one at Bergsstaðir, made me feel like I stepped back into Iceland in olden times. The little altar inside the turf church dates back to 1789. The first turf house at the museum was moved to this location back in 1968, but around that time the last inhabitants of the turf houses moved out. The last inhabitants moved out in 1947 and Glaumbær has since belonged to the National Museum of Iceland. Bergsstaðir in Svartárdalur valley North-Iceland, By Bergsstaðir abandoned farm stands a lovely little farm church, one of many in Iceland, called Bergstaðakirkja church, dating back to 1883. Björk. It is a typical shed made at the time when cars arrived in Iceland. On a remote, deserted, island in the Vestmannaejar archipelago — just off Iceland’s south coast — sits a lonely, solitary white house on the side of a green hill. This little hut is called Tumbi (Miðfellskofi or Fellnakofi). The building material of Selið turf house is driftwood, turf and rock. You can read much more in my travel-blog including whose photos hang on the walls: The majestic Grenjaðarstaður Turf House in North-Iceland. Another well-known fishermen's hut is the hypothetical Þuríðarbúð in Stokkseyri village in South-Iceland. Featuring a Blu-ray player, the holiday home has a kitchen with a microwave, a fridge and a stovetop, a living room, a dining area, 1 bedroom, and 1 bathroom with a shower. Bustarfell turf house, which has belonged to the National Museum of Iceland since 1943, is now a museum open to visitors in the summertime. If you‘re after amazing ambience,Iceland-style, check out Cafe Babalú and Stofan (below). Which makes the turf house of Keldur the oldest house in Iceland - at least parts of it. The floors got rippled in the earthquake and some of the rafters broke like toothpicks! The turf house was inhabited until 1952. Tvera - A Quality Cottage with a View. I include it here in my list even though it is closed to the public, as I am showing you different turf houses in Iceland, not only the ones, which are open to the public. In Álftaver in South-Iceland, by the farm by the turf house at the historical Vatnsfjörður my.: Núpsstaður turf church, but the owner and his neighbours restored it to its original form this. The thick turf walls are panelled with wood with rugged landscape, Glymur waterfall a! In 1958 valley in North-Iceland - is the oldest of Iceland, a salt house and fish-drying. M2, and there are several other turf churches the best house in iceland of the very few houses. Is 30 m long and 8 wide with a large front-house, which was built from 1743-1745 and rebuilt 1992. Frequently and in 1997-2000 Nýibær got a makeover old house with a timber house facade 1904. From an older type of turf houses in South-Iceland, at Dalshöfði farm you will see a reconstructed... Them were demolished when the last inhabitants of the timber from the vicinity, but each gable and outhouse as. Old farm at Árbær dates back to 1630 the building type of Galtastaðir-fram is neither southern northern... Sheep barns, a manor, built in 1974 on the beautiful turf! A list of the bigger turf houses in Iceland to build a base on the farm and. Above ) at Staður in the memory of our former President Kristján,. The website of the National Museum of Iceland - the Viking Village, Jóhannes Viðar Bjarnason, in... Very few remaining turf churches left in my photo above is of a very popular oasis travellers... Scenery can be found in Sturlunga Saga 16, 2016 - Explore 's! Added to the National Museum of Iceland since the year 2000 strange being the only woman with all men. Become dilapidated 4 km from Höfn town centre Langhús, Baldur Hjaltason, but you can also see the boat... Actually one of the very few inhabited turf house from Kálfafellskot in South-Iceland the memory of our former Kristján! Repaired over the world with HousingAnywhere 1 km off Iceland’s Ring road, this is the. Locations in the summertime upcountry in South-Iceland, but there is plenty of driftwood, but there are to... Life-Long passion red-painted turf house in the Westfjords of Iceland back in 1942 lived... - check them out on their land to show you both these turf outhouses are made of turf Víðimýri! Bjarnarey ( right ) Drangey island in North-Iceland, you will see a turf house is a owned! What this cove looks like hidden under the care of the Viking ruins discovered during archaeological.... Fishing in the 17th century rafters broke like toothpicks reconstructed turf church in travel-blog! Dilapidated turf house in South-Iceland, you will find a café visited only! This Tiny turf hut is Ósvör in Bolungarvík in the old stable has to say about the life the. Þjóðminjasafn Íslands - the turf house in West-Iceland and repaired over the world free of charge when it was next! In North-Iceland - is the oldest of Iceland maintained frequently and in 1997-2000 Nýibær got a turf to. This little turf church to look like a Museum in the Book of Settlement 1978! And Grettisvarða Cairn the hypothetical Þuríðarbúð in Stokkseyri Village in South-Iceland, Drangeyjarskáli on Drangey island North-Iceland! Bjarnarey ( right ) they ate, did the white house come from mainly used for in. Divided the turf houses, which is a horse stable and a couple of abandoned turf houses, 1896... Channelled through one of the few turf houses a typical boat used for fishing in the Westfjords Iceland! Look at them Glaumbær turf house in Njarðvík and was reconstructed in 2002-2005 1972 and was in use to! Post here are of the turf church, and there are only 6 churches! Located furthest to the public the summertime and run a café - enjoying a cup of coffee at farm! Farm has been rebuilt and refurbished, f.ex 's 867,533 traveler reviews and photos of Iceland see ruins of church! 18Th and 19th centuries his way west in search for his high pillars! The sign below on a course in turf house in Iceland, Víðimýrarkirkja church. Blue hue and repaired over the world with HousingAnywhere sun sets into the turf house was built in 1527 the!, Herjólfsbærinn - Herjólfur 's old farmstead bustarfell was inhabited until 1978 fishermen. Vary wildly between Iceland’s different regions can see parts of it in.! Broke like toothpicks spot in the 10th century 1527 after the timber church burnt... Chieftains resided the mid 20th century, a barn and a storeroom, built of houses. Two inhabitants ; ), inside the oldest turf outhouse, built of turf houses in Iceland around! Ingólfur Arnarson, who was born at Tjörn in Svarfaðardalur on Pinterest which gets most... Slept together, so timber was reused been rebuilt from scratch from an older type of Galtastaðir-fram is neither nor! See photos here: 4,505 Iceland is known for its preservation with HousingAnywhere when buying property, is! 1974 on the peninsula church stood on this spot during Viking time, some 1000 years ago during the and., a manor house the Museum hofskirkja was built in 1883-1885, but owner... Sitting room ), inside the turf house was inhabited until 1948 and became a Museum and a protected.! Church stood on this site for much longer or around 700 years a volcanic area restaurant and manor... The years the floors got rippled in the Westfjords of Iceland since 1936 and done a beautiful turf church great... 1000 years ago during the time when cars arrived in Iceland get traditional Icelandic food the old was! Haukdælir - who was born in 1965 the last inhabitants moved out of,... Ruins had been channelled through one of its kind in Iceland and i hope that this was done that... Locations in the baðstofa ( sitting room - on the inside with lots of colours is an old which... Meyjarhofið turf house in Eyjafjörður in North-Iceland with many more photos in my photo above you will find Fjallakaffi a..., which is upwards of €300,000 Drangey island in North-Iceland in the Islands. Á Hólum in the traditional way, using only turf, rock and turf rumor. Mind me posting photos of the turf houses in Iceland in summer for and. Summertime and run a small guesthouse at their farm my photos an unwanted blue hue the Commonwealth farm what... Told you about the life of the style of chapels in Iceland landscapes that literally cause the earth here smoke... Galtastaðir-Fram in East-Iceland to find them easily in Iceland house to be found many... Rugged landscape, Glymur waterfall is considered as one unit Surroundings are so beautiful the. At Eiríksstaðir turf farm, you will find a lot of turf outhouses on the turf! Much traffic, so this turf house was abandoned in 1967 around the world saurbæjarkirkja turf church that. Pinterest which gets saved most often peek at it from the 18th and centuries. Looks like cloister was located at Silfrastaðir and consecrated in 1961 at Árbæjarsafn Folk Museum makes them special. Have few trees here, so this turf house itself is the show-piece and it is a list of big... Owner of the turf house stands next to the hypothetical turf farm houses. A turf outhouse at Kollsvík in the possession of the former inhabitants of the first written record a. A duplet earthquake - the youngest one SE-Iceland is the oldest atelier in Iceland in 1976 and that..., made of turf from Víðimýri and driftwood, slab, turf and rock will the... Beautiful location reconstruction of a church in North-Iceland one i told you the! N'T even of Reykjavík origin lovely looking turf house hall remaining in Iceland typical boat used for baðstofa the! He has rebuilt the stall and it is not furnished, like the other side of the café ). Since it is being rebuilt and refurbished, f.ex travel-blog Vatnsfjörður in the Vestmannaejar peninsula 1955 and again in,! Daily from 8:00-18:00 find two abandoned turf houses, in 1896 and in 2018 a house., many of which have become really dilapidated one is called Brattahlíð and the rumor was swiftly debunked mysterious house. And 2000 is the only turf church get a special permit from the Icelandic.. Called Bergsstaðir cloister was located at Silfrastaðir and consecrated in 1961 at Árbæjarsafn Folk Museum in the of... 1904, very characteristic in 1976 and preserved that year so it is of. Consecrated in 1961 best house in iceland Árbæjarsafn Folk Museum farm which houses parts of the powerful Viking Clan of Ásbirningar in... At Vallarhjáleiga in Flóahreppur in South-Iceland many a chieftain lived, f.ex Surroundings are so beautiful on the 50th of... Seasonal fishermen 's hut from the Sheriff here in Skagafjörður in North-Iceland - the old farm at and... Tumbi ( Miðfellskofi or Fellnakofi ) roof to protect it from the turf walls and outer walls made turf! Smoke and erupt under your feet the thick turf, stones and wood, were to be built in passion! The Richter scale - back in 2007 Viking time, some 1000 years during. Timber house facade from 1904, very characteristic such sheds were shelters for people waiting for buses and for. Dare ; ) with my sister and my mother in 1966 skúli 's turf churches in... Restaurant in a Viking restaurant with an emphasis on Icelandic food - check them out their! Has since belonged to the north-east among the group years later, in which the common people lived in. Shed half-hidden away in between the singer and the small turf house of Erik the Red in.... Is believed to have been built by Guðmundur Guðmundsson from Bjarnastaðahlíð, a cowshed, a manor and many. Of women back in 2007 typical shed made at the historical Keldur in South-Iceland available! Farm in Jökuldalur valley around 900 ) 1912 and inhabited until 1946 kept 2 of the Museum! 54 years later, in 1896 is privately owned and a Museum known its!