Live in South Tahoe CA. Details about Rainey 22 Designs Hammerhead Telemark Ski Bindings w Leashes. A neutral flexing binding also means less fatigue on uphill climbs. Scarpa Freedom Binding. Shipping. Read information on each binding, get mounting templates, and more. 5 settings from near-toe pivot to fully-active to engage ball of foot. 22 Designs Axl Telemark Binding Review. by dnt_upton » Mon Jan 16, 2017 12:03 am, Post […] © 2012   Share this:PrintEmailShareStumbleUponDiggRedditpinterest Posted in Telemark Bindings « Rerun: Rainey Design’s Hammerhead (v1) […], […] and delivers excellent skiing control. This is a reprint of an article that first appear in Couloir Magazine Vol. The boys at 22 Designs took over production of the Hammerhead from its creator, Russell Rainey, in February 2004. Your support is humbly requested, and graciously appreciated. T2 Ecos are great, very comfortable, and more upright. XIV-1, Oct. 2001. Is the Vice coming out this year? Put another way, if you need more tension than this binding adds to your boot, you probably ought to just lock ‘yer heels. It is one of the few, true, legendary telemark binding designs that had an effect on nearly every telemark binding design since its inception although its inventor, Russell Rainey, would be quick to point out even Hammerhead borrowed from other, less successful designs (the Pitbull), only with a better execution. by soar07 » Sun Jan 15, 2017 3:09 pm, Post FS: Large 22 Design Hammerhead bindings. Good times. Make sure that both coils have about the same length showing. The weak points are the push buttons on the cable guides; they’re notorious for wearing away, or enlarging the mating holes. Hammerhead set the high water mark for an active binding at the turn of the century. 22 Designs was created in 2004 by Chris Valiante and Collins Pringle. The Hammerhead’s downhill performance is unmatched among 75mm bindings, and I hoped the Axl would follow suit as the most hard-charging, free-pivot touring binding.