Caroline’s website and contact email are at Of course, to do well you have to be present and be yourself rather than run-through an unchanging script. Caroline:           Which is a very generative, very powerful space. And I stepped up in front of that audience and what happened was everything that could possibly go wrong did. In this interview with Psychologies' Editor-in Chief, Suzy Walker, Caroline talks us through how to sound like 'the pilot of the plane' in times of turbulence: and make others feel calm around you. And the reality is doing some calm breathing immediately before the big deal may help a bit, but really you’re saying it’s a bit late. And what actors would say is that it’s a kind of still grounded power, that it says I am worthy of your attention. Caroline does yoga in the morning. Caroline has written three books, ... Caroline Goyder Interview Transcript. And what I want to talk about today is the idea that we can find more confidence within us if we know where to look. She has a great Ted Talk, so she’s worth looking up. Caroline Goyder is an author and voice coach, with a lifelong curiosity in the question of how we find the courage to think for ourselves: aloud. Some of us go: Hey! I sat down with voice coach, Caroline Goyder. When you walk into a meeting, do you need to play strength, palms down, focus on task. If you found the ideas helpful, do remember to hit subscribe today so you don’t miss out on any of the other sessions, and I’d be incredibly grateful if you could spare a moment to share it on with anyone else who you think might find it helpful. And just as I thought it couldn’t go any worse, the microphone broke. or. Which is the care connection hormone. And then when you walk into a meeting with someone that you need to impress, where you need to feel confident, your voice, it’s like a warmed up engine. And if you remember that your audience are just as worried about getting it wrong as you are. Create New Account. Caroline:           So it’s something about if you do your grounding work at home and then you do your power pose and it comes from a really relaxed place. Caroline trained as an actor, and then as a voice coach at Central School of Speech and Drama (CSSD), where she worked for ten years. Accelerating molecules you might say. We’re breathing. The surprising secret to speaking with confidence | Caroline Goyder | TED Talks 1. And how most of us rarely understand that power. And if you want more warmth, you just turn the palms up. I knew I was a good pilot. Practice is the way to a great instrument. But it is this moment — this moment where our worlds are colliding right now. She’s the author of several excellent books and if you like Caroline’s ideas, I recommend you check out her brilliant new book which is called Find Your Voice. Caroline Goyder is an author and voice coach, with a lifelong curiosity in the question of how we find the courage to think for ourselves: aloud. She worked at Central School of Speech and Drama as a voice coach for over 10 years before launching her own company. Now when actors are playing character, there’s a whole raft of options to play with. And it’s important to keep that power relaxed. Looking forward to it. Caroline:           And that style has a certain strength, which is one of the ways we survive in life. Rob:                 … your physiology, and therefore, there’s probably still be some adrenaline, but to be, if you’re a genuinely caring, because you’re looking out and not in. Apart from being present, what’s another trick that you’ve used to help people? Rob:                 Well, that’s very reassuring from the start, because I think it’s contrary to what some of us may have been led to believe. Now a quick way to get into that is to focus on task. And I looked out across the room and I said in my big voice — coach voice — there wasn’t this much wind at the time I have to say – and I said in my big voice coach voice: “Can you hear me at the back?”. And she gave me some feedback recently. Have a conversation. Rob:                 So that your body is good at it in advance of the big meeting. Bill Nighy’s tip to Caroline was to ‘flip your focus’ – ie Focus OUT not IN! For me as a performer, if I think it’s all about me, the spotlight is on me, particularly as an introvert, that’s horrible. Rob:                 Yeah, and I was fascinated by the fact that I didn’t particularly think strength. Photo: James Duncan Davidson. And where I had to go was within. 2. The surprising secret to speaking with confidence. I’m sharing it now because members of the Bright Spot Club have told me they absolutely love the down to earth nature of the tips you find in this interview and in the other training bundles that this expert teacher has made with us. There are many things in including the pressure put on you by yourself or by your colleagues, because if this is a big deal and probably several people in your charity know about it. Among other things, she’s a voice coach and a gravitas expert who has spent her career helping not only actors but also chief executives, politicians and fundraisers to feel and project more confidence and gravitas when they need it most. And I started to find myself at Central School of Speech and Drama teaching people who weren’t actors. Here is the news. It won’t be squeaky, it won’t be thin. The more task and strength. ‘You already know how to speak confidently…with people you trust, you speak with ease and confidence. It’s Amy C-U-D-D-Y. Announcer:       This episode of the Fundraising Bright Spots podcast is brought to you by the Bright Spot Members Club. * Why nerves are good* How to overcome blushing or shaking… She worked at Central School of Speech and Drama as a voice coach for over 10 years before launching her own company. The voice is a very unrecognized, underestimated part of who we are. And then it’s finding the balance. It is a lesson that might surprise you. It’s all designed to help you learn, enjoy your job, and raise more money. Sign Up. And that includes Caroline’s website details and details of the special offer on her excellent new book, Find Your Voice. I am looking at you, and it hits my brain with the feeling of adrenaline. Rob:                 Today, in this, the first of four sessions I recorded with Caroline for the Bright Spot Members’ Club, we explore tactics that any fundraiser can implement to increase their gravitas. There’s a sense that my voice is more newsreader. Because as soon as tension hits the system, then we start to kind of play I’m bigger than you. And simply by getting that air onto the vocal folds, making sound, you’re warming it up. Rob:                 Yeah. And I look forward to speaking to you again in the next episode. But I agree one of the biggest ones is this being in another world where there’s a power dynamic and it’s clear that the person you’re asking for money or pitching to is pretty important. Caroline:           Balance. Or going into major donor meetings where people might seem quite daunting, and there are all sorts of moments for fundraisers where you’re having to show up in situations that may not be your comfort zone. TED Conferences | 19,157,709 followers on LinkedIn. Follow the link to find out more about our 25% discount on annual club membership. And so it felt weird to put my palms down, but I was accessing that other part within me that can do the other. Caroline had her hair and makeup properly done.