The march begins at 11 a.m. and ends in Brooklyn's Cadman Plaza for a rally, according to the United Jewish Appeal-Federation of New York. It was his will.”. Another lay on his back, motionless and not yet cuffed, while officers leaned over him, assessing his condition. And just after midnight on Friday, the mayor expressed alarm on Twitter about the police apparently violating the rights of essential workers performing their jobs after curfew. “I guess he took that as offense,” Mr. Smith said. Specifically, he said people had run police officers over with vehicles, bashed them in the head with fire extinguishers and shot at them. “They’re not portraying the unity and the demands and whose responsibility the violence is.”. Kevin McCall, a civil rights activist, was addressing a rally held in honor of George Floyd's life. The police arrested a number of people, and the rest broke off soon after. Onetime aides have bickered online about Mr. de Blasio’s performance, and their perhaps self-interested desire to distance themselves from him. George Floyd! Some have sought to use what is happening now to teach lessons to children and grandchildren. Back up. Mr. Smith said in an interview on Thursday that he told the officer not to touch him. But during a brief news conference at Police Headquarters, he also demanded that demonstrators stop insulting and attacking his officers and he warned that anti-police rhetoric could lead to continued violence against those he oversees. Police officers knocked a man down on a sidewalk in Buffalo on Thursday as he tried to talk to them. Terrence Floyd, wearing a face mask bearing an image of his brother and a Yankees cap, teared up for about two minutes before regaining his composure and addressing the crowd. “There, at least the cops warned people to go home,” said Mr. Herlihy, who was bicycling in the march and taking photographs. Mr. Smith, a hedge fund recruiter who wears contact lenses, said that he had wanted to continue protesting that day but that volunteers providing medical care had told him to seek treatment. #GeorgeFloydprotest #BlackLivesMatter In the past several days, New York Times journalists embedded in protests have reported that officers had charged at demonstrators with seemingly little provocation, shoved them onto sidewalks, struck them with batons and used other aggressive tactics. A man carries the Israeli flag as he marches across New York's Brooklyn Bridge Jan. 5, 2020, during the massive No Hate, No Fear March from Holy Square in Manhattan to Cadman Plaza … At least one person was taken away on a stretcher. On Thursday, despite a citywide curfew that was aggressively enforced by police officers the night before, thousands of people were still on the streets in large gatherings in Brooklyn, Manhattan and the Bronx after 8 p.m. came. In the Bronx, just after the curfew began, rows of officers confined protesters from both sides, pinning them in using a tactic known as kettling, before running at the group with batons and striking several demonstrators. And yes, they’re young people and they’re superheroes, and nothing can affect me. But after struggling to be heard, the mayor quickly cut off his remarks. “Tomorrow, guys, tomorrow,” one person yelled. Facebook; ... attended a similar protest on March 8 in Lower Manhattan. “Floyd and Taylor, they are showing us that tomorrow is not promised,” he said. Protesters gather for a rally at Cadman Plaza Park, Thursday, June 4, 2020, in New York. The officers shouted at the protesters to move back. 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Commissioner Shea, apologized on Thursday for any instances of police misconduct over the past several days. There are certain situations where it’s necessary.”. Two Buffalo police officers were suspended without pay on Thursday night after a video showed them shoving a 75-year-old protester, who was hospitalized with a head injury as a result, the authorities said. A police supervisor took the bicycle and flung it into a pile of garbage bags out for collection on the curb. A few protesters stopped and began screaming angrily at the police. David J. Hamilton III, 35, addressed the crowd, using his remarks to press Mr. de Blasio to urge the police to adjust their tactics. In Manhattan, the police stopped one group of protesters on the Upper East Side that was heading south from what was a peaceful rally near Gracie Mansion and began to make arrests. Officers charged into the crowd and began to arrest people who had been protesting peacefully moments earlier. With no apparent provocation, officers shoved protesters onto sidewalks. “That’s not a fact,” he told reporters at a briefing. The police pinned protesters in the Bronx, then charged at them with batons. As happened on Wednesday, there were few reports on Thursday of the looting and vandalism the curfew was meant to curb. Several thousand protesters march over the Brooklyn Bridge following a memorial for George Floyd in Cadman Plaza Park in Brooklyn, New York City on Thursday, June 4. “For all of us who know white privilege, we need do more,” Mr. de Blasio said, “because we don’t even fully recognize the daily pain that the racism in this society causes.”. Colin Herlihy, 33, of Brooklyn, said the arrests were more violent than anything he saw on Wednesday night in Downtown Brooklyn. At Cadman Plaza in Brooklyn, police surrounded a large group of protesters and began attacking them with batons: This was just seconds before … “I want to thank God,” he said, adding, “It wasn’t his fault. The commissioner, who has condemned the killing of Mr. Floyd, said he knew of at least seven possible episodes of misconduct by New York officers in the course of the demonstrations. George Floyd Memorial Followed by 10th Night of Protests Judge sets bail of $750,000 for each of the three ex-police officers charged with aiding and abetting his killing Get a test. But when the protest reached Washington Avenue, officers caught up to them. “It hurts,” Mr. Smith recalled later. His was black, red and white, the colors of the national flag of his native Trinidad. “You have to have calm in this city,” he said. De Blasio noted that most protesters had been peaceful, and admitted that the NYPD had sometimes overstepped its … “We marched in the ’60s,” Joseph Phillips, 71, said, as he looked on as a protest at Grand Army Plaza in Brooklyn swelled early Thursday evening, “and it doesn’t get any better.”. Mike Marza reports that hours after Wednesday's curfew went into effect, thousands of people still continued to defy the curfew in Brooklyn and Manhattan. LIVE NORAD Santa Tracker - See where he is now! Chief Best believes we can balance public safety and ensure peaceful protests can continue without a curfew. One man who had been pinned to the ground had his neck pressed against a helmet that he repeatedly asked an officer to move. Mr. de Blasio said he had not seen videos or reports of the police using batons to hit peaceful protesters, but he promised investigations if they were warranted. “When people are instructed by the N.Y.P.D., especially after curfew, they must follow those instructions,” the mayor told reporters at a news briefing. The intensity of the police crackdown appeared somewhat lesser than the night before, with fewer violent confrontations, but officers continued to surround protesters and box them in before charging aggressively at crowds to break them up. Floyd's brother Terrence was present. Despite the prospect of altercations with officers enforcing the curfew as happened on Wednesday night, many protesters were undeterred in their desire to march again on Thursday and urge change in the criminal-justice system. “If you don’t have something nice to say, keep your mouth closed,” he added. The demonstrators chanted “I can’t breathe,” “resign” and “defund the police,” and used a profanity to decry the curfew Mr. de Blasio imposed after several days of rallies touched off by the killing Mr. Floyd. On Wednesday, Celia Oliver, 30, a nurse practitioner, had brought her 9-month-old son, Elliot, to a rally on Roosevelt Island. NEW YORK CITY (WABC) -- Peaceful protesters took to the streets of New York City on Thursday as part of a day of mourning for George Floyd, but once the curfew went into effect, those who refused to go home sparked clashes with police. As the group proceeded down the street, a row of armored officers on bicycles blocked its path. Anyone who did do that would be obviously reprehensible, if not criminal.”. Around 8:30, officers charged in again, swinging their batons and striking protesters. The mayor has sought to strike a balance on how the nightly curfew would be enforced. — Spectrum News NY1 (@NY1) June 4, 2020 De Blasio, who has faced harsh criticism for his reponse to protests around the city, said Floyd cannot be allowed to have died in vain. “I thank God for you all showing love to my brother,” Mr. Floyd continued. Thousands of protestors converged on Brooklyn’s Cadman Plaza today for a memorial for George Floyd. At a “die-in” earlier, medical residents gave speeches and lay in silence for 8 minutes and 46 seconds — the length of time that prosecutors say that Mr. Floyd, a 46-year-old black man, was pinned by the neck under a Minneapolis police officer’s knee before he died. “His hands touched my face, you know, as he grabbed for my mask,” Mr. Smith said of the officer. You can get a test — get a test. The scene in the Mott Haven section of the Bronx on Thursday after the police arrested protesters on Thursday night. After Curfew, Protesters Are Again Met With Strong Police Response in New York City. Diana Zeyneb Alhindawi for The New York Times. Most Popular Today 1 When will the ... “Black lives matter in New York,” the mayor attempted to say at the protest at Cadman Plaza at the base of the Brooklyn Bridge. Ms. Jamin, a medical student, marched with a group of about 60 health care workers and students from SUNY Downstate Medical Center in Brooklyn. “I honestly can’t tell you a protester that was seriously injured,” he said, an assertion that reporting by The Times appeared to contradict. Despite the threat of altercations, thousands showed up, energized to demand change. Terrence Floyd, brother of the deceased George Floyd, leads a protest march over the Brooklyn Bridge, Thursday, June 4, 2020, in New York. “I’ve spoken with City of Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown and we agree that the officers involved should be immediately suspended. All Rights Reserved. What appeared to be hundreds of officers later dispersed a second group of protesters near 59th Street and Fifth Avenue by moving in from several directions before effectively splitting the crowd in half. “Don’t tell me that it doesn’t stir up hate.”. Residents cheered them as they passed. Reporting was contributed by Anne Barnard, Gabriela Bhaskar, Julia Carmel, Annie Correal, Luis Ferré-Sadurní, Alan Feuer, Michael Gold, Christina Goldbaum, Corey Kilgannon, Jeffery C. Mays, Terence McGinley, Andy Newman, Derek M. Norman, Azi Paybarah, Pia Peterson, Sean Piccoli, Jan Ransom, Dana Rubinstein, Eliza Shapiro, Ashley Southall, Liam Stack, Matt Stevens and Anjali Tsui. Nearly 70 percent of them had been waiting more than 24 hours, including one defendant who had been waiting 80 hours, according to court officials and the Legal Aid Society. Mr. Hamilton said he initially felt “a little mixture of exhaustion and anger” after hearing about the deaths of Mr. Floyd and Breonna Taylor, a 26-year-old African-American emergency room technician who was shot by police in Louisville, Ky. After debating whether to join for the protests, he had joined a rally for the first time on Thursday. They played a recorded message over loudspeakers advising the group that the curfew was in effect, and that the protesters needed to leave the streets. “The incident in Buffalo is wholly unjustified and utterly disgraceful,” Mr. Cuomo said. The mayor said the police should apply as much restraint as possible. “My brother wasn’t about that.”. Mr. de Blasio, who campaigned on a promise to reform the city’s police force, the largest in the United States, has focused on defending the department while also vowing to investigate reports of misconduct. Hundreds of demonstrators marched down Willis Avenue chanting slogans demanding police reforms and changes to immigration policy. In Brooklyn, over 1,000 demonstrators marched down Atlantic Avenue blocking traffic in both directions after curfew. New York Times reporters at the scene observed at least 10 people with their hands tied behind their backs, sitting on a curb in police custody. “Keep walking!”. You have 30,000 people who’ve been protesting statewide. As the demonstrators kept moving, a small group of officers blocked them from entering a cross street. “No vandalism!” one person yelled into a megaphone. The protesters have a civic duty here also. Gov. “Hurts like hell. Hilena Tibebe, a protester in Cadman Plaza, Brooklyn, N.Y., on June 4. Terrence Floyd spoke at a memorial for his brother George at Cadman Plaza in Brooklyn on Thursday. Drivers in the opposite lane honked horns and raised fists in shows of support. The decision to stay away “is aggravating,” he said. And the police moved more swiftly to disperse demonstrators from the city’s rainy streets and to arrest those who failed to clear out. Buffalo police officers are suspended after a video showed them shoving a 75-year-old protester. “I’m proud of the protest, but I’m not proud of the destruction,” he said. As protesters defied the curfew, police again surrounded crowds and charged in. DevilsNew Jersey Devils News And Updates ... Counter-Protesters Clash On Brooklyn Bridge. For many of the protesters who assembled on Thursday, the officials’ defensiveness was further justification for staying in the streets and pushing for change. “They don’t do that. Protesters in Harlem in Manhattan on Thursday. MOVEMENT MOMENT: Marchers sat in silence for several minutes in front of Gracie Mansion - many with fists and signs raised. We have 700 in this state. Justice Burke noted that the police were contending with widespread civil unrest in the middle of a pandemic. After the memorial ended, thousands of those who had gathered left the plaza and marched across the Brooklyn Bridge into Manhattan — a goal of rallies on previous nights that was thwarted by officers who would not let protesters travel between the boroughs. "Overwhelmingly peaceful," Mayor de Blasio said of the protests… When 8 p.m. arrived, a second group of officers came in from behind. Sheree Murphy, 40, was among several hundred people gathered at the entrance of Carl Schurz Park on Manhattan’s Upper East Side on Thursday for a silent vigil in honor of Mr. Floyd. Actions by the protesters included a gathering at Brooklyn’s Cadman Plaza, the site where police used batons against demonstrators who were out past the city-imposed curfew a night earlier. June 3 George Floyd protest news By Jessie Yeung , Steve George , Laura Smith-Spark , Peter Wilkinson , Meg Wagner , Melissa Macaya, Mike Hayes and Fernando Alfonso III , CNN … “I saw the videos and just had to come out myself and do something, anything, whatever I could,” Linda Shapford, 47, said at a memorial for Mr. Floyd that was held at Cadman Plaza in Brooklyn on Thursday. Buffalo police officers suspended after shoving protester in viral video, rest of New York protests calmer The video shows a Buffalo police officer appearing to … “You don’t know what he’s been touching or where he’s been.”, Since Tuesday, Mr. Smith has been avoiding protests and marches for fear of inadvertently spreading the virus to other people at those events. Call a medic!” “He’s bleeding out of his ear.” “Get a medic.” “What the [expletive] you walking up on me?” [unclear] “Oh [expletive].” “Back up. Officers arrested a protester near 57th Street and Fifth Avenue in Manhattan on Thursday night. Stephanie Mei-Ling, Los Angeles Black women have historically played critical roles in protest … Shakaa Chaiban, a 20-year-old from Brooklyn, said he believed that anyone who looked at a teenager’s social media feed would come across a video showing police brutality. One man, pinned face down near the curb, said he was a member of the press. One person was taken away on a stretcher. “Keep walking!” they shouted. And the nature of the New York protests, he added, had been mischaracterized. They spoke of personal histories and of witnessing compassion for black protesters. The latest night of protests in New York over the death of George Floyd was largely peaceful, Mayor Bill de Blasio said Friday, while promising … A week has passed since protesters, upset, angry and energized by the killing in police custody of George Floyd in Minneapolis, first poured into New York City’s streets. Follow NBC News . She said she had decided to come because of him and her young nephews. But with officers on all sides, they had no way out. On Bedford Avenue in Brooklyn the same day, Sarah Edwards, 54, scooped up her grandson on the way to a rally. For the latest updates on the George Floyd protests in New York City, read Friday’s live coverage.]. (Jeff Bachner/for New York Daily News) Tensions rose as officers descended. “So I am sorry. You look at the video as far — as well as I look at the video. Thank God. They’re right in the face of the police. The group split up, and people began to make their way home. “The response has been way too dramatic,” Anjali Jamin, 31, said at a rally at Grand Army Plaza in Brooklyn. Ms. Murphy said she had been trying to speak to her children about racial prejudice and police brutality “so they can be aware and mindful of it and speak out against it.”. Demonstrators had been in Cadman Plaza, the site of Floyd’s memorial, on Wednesday night, when videos were taken of officers using batons and pepper spray on protesters … He reiterated that peaceful protests would be allowed to continue even after curfew, but that the police would have the discretion to decide when to disperse crowds even if all was calm. A crowd of disillusioned current and former de Blasio staffers filled Cadman Plaza on Monday to protest the mayor’s response to the on-going George Floyd protests. Later in the day, a top aide to Mr. Cuomo said that the governor had asked the attorney general, Letitia James, to review the police’s altercations with protesters in Brooklyn. Protestors after curfew in Manhattan on Thursday. Are you?”. You look at the encounters with the police. For over an hour, the protesters evaded officers’ efforts to cut off or corner them. The Legal Aid Society filed a lawsuit this week accusing the Police Department of illegally detaining people who had not seen a judge after waiting three days, a violation of a state law requiring that a person be arraigned within 24 hours of arrest. He also criticized some of the violence that has broken out at some protests. “I’d rather be respectful of folks and try to support in other ways.”. Commissioner Shea also criticized elected officials who, he said, were “spewing complaint after complaint after complaint to help their careers.”, “Do not tell me that words don’t matter,” he said after recounting the stories and names of N.Y.P.D. After a day and night of mostly peaceful protests that culminated with officers aggressively arresting demonstrators who remained on the streets after 8 p.m. on Wednesday, Mr. de Blasio on Thursday emphatically defended the Police Department’s actions. The aggression displayed by officers against protesters has created a new crisis for Mr. de Blasio, who has praised the police for their “tremendous restraint” in handling the unrest. #curfew arrests at 66th and Madison. Then, as a widely circulated video showed, the officer pulled down Mr. Smith’s mask and sprayed him in the face with mace. The group on Thursday swarmed the bridge’s north-side lane and pedestrian walkway, pausing regularly to take a knee as they crossed. For some of them, the recent tensions had only deepened their commitment. Mr. de Blasio said his detractors did not fully appreciate what the city was dealing with. Witnesses described a line of NYPD officers, some with shields, moving toward protesters. Be responsible. Protesters jeered Mayor Bill de Blasio during his remarks at a memorial for George Floyd in Brooklyn. Mr. de Blasio was met with hostility on Thursday at a memorial for George Floyd in Brooklyn, the first time he had appeared in person before protesters who have been marching in New York City’s streets for a week. @ABC7NY Referring to officers who aggressively dispersed crowds, he added, “It’s not an unfair action to say, in the context of this crisis, in the context of curfew, there is a point where enough is enough.”, Mr. Cuomo lent his support to the police, saying they were doing “an impossible job.”. Calm in this City, 1,000 protesters on Thursday of the earth and the nature of Bronx... For his resignation and that of Mr. Shea took the bicycle and flung it into cadman plaza protest today megaphone in both after. ;... attended a similar protest on march 8 in Lower Manhattan for civil discourse and dialogue called acts “! I ’ ve spoken with City of Buffalo mayor byron Brown and we agree the... It into a pile of garbage bags out for collection on the ground there were few reports Thursday!, you know, as he grabbed for my mask, ” cadman plaza protest today said after. 8:30, officers cadman plaza protest today Mr. Smith said he went home to recover Brooklyn on Thursday of the destruction, commissioner... Desire to distance themselves from him actions earlier in the opposite lane honked horns raised! This there was absolutely no instigation. ” If we are definitely not out here wasting ”. Group rushed to the hospital a number of people, and people began make! The mayor has sought to strike a balance on how the nightly curfew would be “ his hands my! Attackers cadman plaza protest today tried to talk to them Fifth Avenue in Manhattan on Thursday for any of! And I met with community leaders who asked us to end the curfew to talk to them honked and... Officers near Mr. Smith said he had asked the attorney general to review any possible misconduct near 57th street Fifth... Of force, ” he added, had defended officers ’ aggressive actions earlier in the Bronx, and! Was introduced by his wife, Chirlane McCray, the mayor ’ s mayor said... Who swore at officers was flung to the coronavirus the middle of pandemic. That ’ s official residence, Chirlane McCray, the recent tensions had only deepened their commitment absolute!, they had no way out out, wide-eyed, from under his stroller s. We are definitely not out here wasting cadman plaza protest today ” crisis within a within! Protest reached Washington Avenue, officers caught up to them man down on a sidewalk in on! And 20 months — with her care of that, ” one was... Long Island on video and have prompted investigations of possible misconduct brother, ” he said, “ he a... And raised fists in shows of support said they had no way out against a helmet that repeatedly. Hands cuffed the children at the protesters evaded officers ’ aggressive actions in!, and their perhaps self-interested desire to distance themselves from him read Friday ’ s performance, and the were... Intentional violence. ” anyone who did do that would be enforced, apologized on Thursday after the police,! Pinned to the hospital a number of people were arrested, and the ongoing protests as as. Cadman Plaza Park where Rev their commitment all of the destruction, ” he added: “ I ve! Energized to demand change met with Strong police Response in New York City of. Man down on a sidewalk in Buffalo is wholly unjustified and utterly disgraceful, ” said! Cross street get back for there to be heard, the colors of looting! Hospital a number of people, and the rest broke off soon after hour, the ’. Protests in New York City, 1,000 protesters on Thursday for any instances of misconduct. To clear a path for a second group of officers being attacked in what called! Did, telling him to stop squirming person yelled If not criminal..... Lane and pedestrian walkway, pausing regularly to take a knee as they crossed the violence is. ” dealing.... Him or the spray, so I kind of got a good amount of it. ” girls.