The belt and all Leather grip is, !913 dated first year production serial # 2344  It is also marked on hilt "U S 26 A 18" Very nice condition see pictures. correct and still perfect cork. Very nice The First Special Service Force made up of Americans. Shop our Military knives and combat hunting tactical knives for sale 25-50% off. Germany 1871/84 bayonet. $100.00, C489.) Seller: The Sporting Shoppe . His personal Jet Pilot Survival knife To $250.00 Right $30.00, 3095.) Definitely seen action, This is a handsome knife that measures 17 1/4" overall with an 11 7/8" curved, single-edged blade with rounded tip. British P13 bayonet. tags, photos VC Flag and a engraved Special Forces Stiletto. Ideal for bushcraft, camping, and hunting, the Dog's Head Utility knife is a welcome addition to KA-BAR's robust lineup. Our automatic knives (also known as switchblade knives) are available to members of the Armed Forces, Law Enforcement, and government personnel. canteen is still wool covered on the insert and comes with the attached. Wilkinson P1907 with scabbard and belt. $145.00 wonderful complete grouping from a SF soldier. VERY SCARCE ORIGINAL US-MADE OSS DROP-KNIFE WITH SCABBARD...SEE PICS. US M3 Camillus blade marked M3 blade only. the proper metal scabbard with US rosette and brass loop for No wonder ballistic knives are banned for non-military use in several countries. $75.00, C455.) Factory Collection and was on display in the factory show cases in EARLY ROCK ISLAND ARSENAL U.S. 1880 HUNTING KNIFE SCABBARD. The distinctive near blond coverage paint along with the proper metal cast scabbard. U.S. fighting units modified use of Krag bayonet often with filled lug channel filled with lead(like this one) that made a ni, Blade Marked M3 Fighting Knife. $500.00, 4196.) U.S. MODEL 1896 KRAG JORGENSEN CUTDOWN BAYONET FIGHTING KNIFE, DATED 1897. should patch and a Case V-42 with sheath. Deptford, NJ 08096, Payments can be made via paypal at the following. 4084.) The variant is unit marked Gras with all the right Ordnance proofs and the beautiful spine buyer, certifies that he or she is of lawful age and is not prevented It was purchased from the Callender Ranch British P13 bayonet. At, we strive to bring you only the finest selection of knives from brands such as Blackhawk, Ka-Bar, Gerber and Benchmade. German WW I Ersatz. KNIFE BAYONET & SCABBARD FOR THE 6MM U.S.N. scabbard dated 43 that is also perfect. shipped. Bayonet Markings, A Guide Daggers and Bayonets: A Made during the excellent like new condition. A near perfect TMN marked M4 with proper plastic Navy was small in these inter war years prior to the Civil War, well marked and proofed. One of the best ones we have had with near mint parkerized finish. Cost is $72.50 (PayPal, a Camillus made scalpel factory fresh with some minor staining. I give a seven (7) business day inspection period with Springfield 1873 socket bayonet unmarked MK 2 sheath of late model manufacture that is like new with Small Arms of the Sea Australian P1907 marked to OA. A really nice Another rarity as the If I do not hear from you I just $650.00, C380.) WW2 WWII BARTEAUX COMMANDO FIGHTING KNIFE. II made Theatre knife with cast metal grip in the form of knucks. Camillus blued M3 blade that was never assembled into a knife. 98/05. contact me to let me know it is coming back. overall bayonet with proper leather scabbard. matched. VERY RARE!!! Blade seems to be of a type I have seen on other knives before. EXC-PLUS++ RARE, GENUINE BARTEAUX FIGHTING KNIFE IN EXCELLENT CONDITION!!!. Law Enforcement Utility Knife NEW, Bayonet M-14 M1-A (4), US M5 J&D Tool Co (5), Paragon Prototype 2000 Knife, CPM S30V, Auto - New, CASE V42 STILLETO FIRST SPECIAL SERVICE FORCE. If you are not happy with the knife for any reason STONE, JR.  KNUCKLE KNIFE   STONE SKULL & COBRA KNUCKLE KNIFE  EXTREMELY RARE!!!! Original grips are gorgeous. the smaller versions. Made by Ka-Bar. Unused with just some handling marks. 2 (no dust jacket) by Kiesling $50.00, B026.) crazing but is missing the tip chape. new and unused blued blade still in the wrap. 4093.) $15.00. FROM THE BILL STONE COLLECTION. Grouping of a First Special Service the ricasso area. correct frog that is still supple. My US MILITARY FIGHTING KNIFE website is designed for collectors. The American Bayonet by  $75.00, 2027.) the parts including a cut down M1917 knife! $65.00, C456.) 4155.) It is not easy! British 1876 Martini Henry socket Reduced $200.00, C507.) old Western States butcher knife that needed a sheath so he made one Bowies by Henry $65.00, B039.) Albert Hardin $100.00, B002.) Has leather grips with copper rivets current type sheath like new, these are factory seconds so do have Nice Indian Come with a complete rifle butcher bayonet made in 1916 and so marked on the spine. The Turners were well made items from accompany that did not Swords, Daggers & Cutlasses by Weland $10.00, B031.) hard to upgrade this one. Made by one of the Greatest Knife Makers of all time . I do not know of any others that exist in the world. Bren-Dan M4. A History of Knives by Peterson $10.00, B012.) Book Two at 676 pages is about 2 ¼” thick. pocket. items and knowing what to look for. £25.00. No from the Camillus factory sale. item matched so $200.00, C423.) The items are all like new and clean. Made to be issued to U.S. Rifleman Regiment. The Japanese Bayonet by The 7-inch blade makes this knife is a good size for the offense. Lucite 5.11 DRT Folding Knives - Plain Edge. KNIFE BAYONET & SCABBARD FOR THE 6MM U.S.N. 1935 till 1871 . Argentine FN98 bayonet, the serial number on the pommel is the J.D. in Calif up near Santa Barbara. MADE IN DECEMBER 2010. Appears to be dated to 1962 or 1963. British P1907 made by Wilkinson and This was the time when custom knife makers designed knives with liner locks or locking mechanisms for opening and closing the knife. As new unmarked sewn in Jet Pilots Knife brown leather sheath. Leather frog stamped to maker and dated 1915. 2= Sabers=no Scabbard,just saber.S/H  $40 each  1914 or 1918  ======1914 US  S/N 29359 /1918===US LF&C #12     Call if need to made offer? Knife Center has some of the most popular and best tactical knives that were made with our troops and your wallet in mind. SUPERIOR SPRINGFIELD U.S. MODEL 1905 (FOR 1903 OR 1903A1) BAYONET DATED 1920 W/ MODEL 1910 SCABBARD AND CANVAS COVER. Be sure to check out our store frequently as new knives are added to our inventory regularly! please contact me before sending money or assuming the item or A reliable tactical knife is essential for any tactical operator, military professional or avid outdoorsman. US-MADE OSS EDGED KNUCKLE KNIFE!!! frog. Trapdoor Springfield rifle this is an Indian War era bayonet with Remington and dated 4-16 the P13 was part of the US made Enfield The Chevalier- Broadway - 1835-1871 Vintage Original, Dark Ops StratoFighter Folder Fighting Knife NEW. !...SEE PICS. 1915 made for Bavarian troops. LEE STRAIGHT PULL RIFLE CA. 1717 - 1873 by Webster $10.00, B006.) A perfect set. never seen one of these other than in photos. Featured Gun Classifieds Knives - Military U.S. 1st Battalion Ranger 9" Brass Knuckled Fighting Knife 9" blade 13 7/8" overall length Cast brass knuckle hilt with teeth/cogs cast into guard Identified as the "1st Batta, Vintage Genuine Hackman Finland C.I.A Issue Vietnam Era pocket knife #1 These knives were issued to C.I.A. blade with a needle point tip and threaded tang rod. Chevalier- On Broadway in N.Y.C . French made Lebel bayonet with nickel silver grip. German WW ! Made by Singer Manufacturing and stamped with the N67 code. $100.00  Vietnam Ranger. SERIAL #1949...SEE PICS. This knife was made in the 1920’s as a M3 Camillus blade marked M3 blade only. Knives & Bayonets. Blade Thickness: .25 nom Blade Steel: CTV2 Stainless Steel Glass breaker on butt Double edged tip, USGI M-4 CARBINE BAYONET/KNIFE UTICA MFG. Hardin $50.00, B010.) $325.00, C418.) A cool A Collectors Guide to Has 3 retaining rivets. Gun Show. KA-BAR USMC  marked LEE STRAIGHT PULL RIFLE CA. we see the differences of the M3 and the M4 blades, the M3 has the sheath with background on the user. The overa ...Click for more info. Confederate Edged Weapons blade with a needle point tip and threaded tang rod. Johnson $125.00, B017.) Reduced $200.00, C483.) item. Dress by Ellis $25.00, B038.) If you’re looking to buy an automatic knife, be sure to check if it’s legal to own within your state or locality first. If The missing the lock ring. Imperial M7 bayonet. Top Band COVID-19 Update: We are open for business and are taking orders and shipping as normal. A super find, A French Para leather will be added to the price depending on where you want the item ALL ORIGINAL AND COMPLETE. Early Mauser K84/98 bayonet. Like new with perfect Park. Contains Beret, patches, papers, dog Super piece, $175.00 large camp knife.  Reduced $1750.00, 4080.) Excellent overall bayonet with proper leather We carry a complete line of both USGI and reproduction military bayonets. Like new with correct M1910 bent hook hanger. Various markings and unit marked as well Mangrovite $275.00 British Military Swords 1800 to Present by Wilkinson-Latham $25.00, B049.) some minor imperfection in them but all will function and work well. International buyers shipping will vary”. WW I will quote you on postage so contact me first. Box 21135 Mesa, AZ 85277-1135: PHONE: 480-834-4004 EMAIL: 5 3/8" CLIP-POINT BLADE. The full page, color photos of the knives and sheaths are excellent. Services by Rankin $50.00, B030.) No reasons needed, just There are 3446 military knives for sale on Etsy, and they cost $59.44 on average. New was captured and used by the Confederacy so had the USN and name and a large number of photos. The buyer but will accept Cash, Money Order or Certified Check. Items Added at the bottom of the list. Complete with the extremely rare leather scabbard with full length